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My online depression counselling method is based on the human givens. It is proven to be as effective online therapy for depression as face-to-face.
online depression counselling

My online depression counselling therapy could be just what you need.

Human Givens understands depression and how you can quickly recover. It is UK based but now online for you. Over many years I have found that my depression counselling online is as effective as face-to-face.

I am an accredited and experienced Human Givens therapist.  And I can treat most depressions more quickly and effectively than either medication or the standard therapeutic treatment of CBT.

This article summarises the Human Givens explanation of depression.  And then shows how I will use these profound ideas to help you with online therapy for depression.

My Online Depression Counselling is based on the Human Givens explanation

  • Depression is the mental and physical exhaustion caused by the body’s need to dream more than it is capable of.
  • Why is there the need to engage in high energy dreaming? It is the attempt to clear the excessive levels of arousal, worrying and exhaustion which caused the problems in the first place.
  • And so we have a self-feeding vicious cycle where signs and symptoms of depression multiply.

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Online Depression Counselling in THREE steps?


A critical part of my depression counselling online is audios that you can listen to in your own time. These will embed all you need to know. And as you begin to understand you will be hopeful. This may be for the first time for a long time.

I will ask you to be patient and wait until you are feeling better before we deal with the life problems that you are obsessing over. These problems have probably pushed you into depression in the first place.

It could well be that when you go back to the initial event that pushed you in to your depression, there will be memories around loss or chaos or fear that are traumatic. We will relieve these using trance methods.

Listen to this. Depression recovery in one audio
I recorded this some years ago now, and it covers the ground very well.

The big success of this online depression counselling audio encouraged me to create my four audios Hope and Firefighting programme – an essential feature of my Online Depression Counselling.

This depression page is a refuge from the medicalised groupthink of the mainstream. You don’t believe me? Then look at these!




American Psychiatric Assocation


And what have the movies had to say about Depression?

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