Counselling for Depression

I am the Depression Optimist

Feeling better and more hopeful, surprisingly quickly. And then you will acquire the tools to stay well.
I offer effective and proven depression recovery. No medication, no endless talking about your problems. Instead practical steps, up-to-date science and hypnotherapy.
I'm here to help your Depression.

Face-to-face or Online

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    My message to you is one of Hope

    Many who find their way to this page are lost in depression and believe there is no easy way out, including effective counselling for depression. Their GP has not been able to help. Or anybody else for that matter.
    BUT, your depression is in fact easier to understand than you could ever have imagined and depression recovery is there waiting for you. I am the Depression Optimist. Depression Recovery with effective counselling, tailor-made audios and a track record of success.

    Is this true for you?

    Exhausted all the time and lacking energy and motivation. And being trapped in their thoughts and emotions without hope of escape
    Sleeping and dreaming a lot, with too much introspecting, ruminating and awareness of past trauma and disappointment.
    Collapsing self confidence and self esteem with isolation from friends and society and perhaps failing with basic life tasks..
    Aware of enduring physical aches and pains which appear to have no physical cause.
    Your mind is not working – failing to concentrate, recall clearly and enjoy simple pleasures.
    As hope fades and exhaustion sets in they find that all areas of life are affected – family, work and meaning.

    What you will learn

    The Twisted Ankle - You will finally understand what depression is and start to get relief from a "dark" fog.
    The role of dreaming and how excessive mind maintenance while you sleep exhausts you.
    Three threads of depression recovery - learn the stages to overcome depression fast.
    Visualisation Power - producing immediate reduction in fog and eliminate the washing machine effect.
    What you can do right now that will increase your energy and motivation and improve your sleep.

    Why you can trust in my ability to help you?

    Breakthrough Self Help Audio Programmes
    Over 15 years experience running a successful private practice.
    Track Record of 85% plus success (based on my clients own evaluation).
    Trained in the Human Givens approach – UK based and proven to be more effective than NHS counselling.

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    You have saved my life, quite literally. I never thought I would ever feel like me again. You have brought me back so quickly and safely.”  Hazel

    There must be a way out of depression and anxiety. And you, Andrew, know this way very well. More than this, you know the alchemy of the mind!   Alexander

    Andrew somehow took the pressure off me so I could relax and break this spell. I literally felt my depression lift after the second session.” Michelle

    Face to Face or Online - which would suit you best?

    You may reach me by phone, text, email, or by completing the contact form. I will reply within 24 hours. We can arrange a no obligation call or a Skype/Zoom session or a face-to-face appointment.
    Mobile/text: +44 7870 104651
    Landline: +44 1726 252428
    How can I help you?

      A few words about me, Andrew M Richardson

      Andrew M Richardson
      I am not your typical counsellor. First off, I am now in my late sixties and am pretty well housebound with an atypical type of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). This affects my mobility but nothing much else as otherwise I am pretty healthy (touch wood).
      My record and many testimonials show that I am an excellent therapist. Why is that? I believe it is because my background in business plus my Human Givens training and having to live with chronic MS gives me an authority and flexibility that puts clients at their ease and means they can have confidence in my approach.
      Clients come to my home in Cornwall. I also see clients from all over the world using Skype and Zoom – as well as through the length and breadth of the UK.