Hope – the first thread for Depression Recovery

Building Hope

hope depression recovery

Hope is essential for Depression Recovery

The lack of hope is the missing ingredient to virtually all sufferers of depression. And it’s easy to understand why. If you have tried so hard for so long and spoken to so many people and discovered that nothing seems to work – well that will destroy any hope. And that is why a thread of hope has to be laid down early on – to lead from despair and hopelessness to confidence born out of direct experience.

How to Build Hope

The way to build hope is to understand what is causing your depression. From that follows the appreciation that shock/horror it is all fairly simple and straightforward.

I cannot overstate the importance of this. Depression is not a mystery and nor is recovery very complicated in most cases.

Feeding Hope with Hebbian Learning

Have you come across Hebbian learning? This is the idea that to really learn something, you need to be exposed to what you wish to learn many times and in many different ways – such that it really stinks in. It is not enough to hear something once or to read something just once and expect it to stick. No, we need to be exposed to the same ideas in different ways in different formats – reading, hearing and direct experiencing. And then in time it will stay and you will really know it. Well, this is what I am trying to do with depression – so you really get it.


So try these, and then again and again

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You are not gone mad. There is a credible explanation of why you’re feeling as you are and there is a route out for you. If you really understand why this is so, then lo and behold you should find that hope returns – and this will be rooted and real.


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