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Many people come to my online help for depression, who are desperate and losing hope. They have tried one or more of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), conventional talking counselling and antidepressants and have discovered that they are still depressed. They have learnt the hard way that the conventional treatment for depression is not helping them and in fact maybe making their depression worse. Is that true for you?

This online help for depression is based on the Human Givens approach, which is UK based and dates from the around 2000. Already it is recognised by the NHS and there is evidence of the effectiveness. Most depressions can be lifted quickly with Human Givens – in an average of four sessions only. The approach is holistic, with no medication and no endless talking. Instead Human Givens makes use of the latest psychology and neurobiology and uses hypnotherapy as a vital tool..

The Human Givens approach is perfectly suited to online depression help. There is a series of audios for you to listen to in your own time. These are integral to the online approach. Human Givens also understands that true recovery follows from a return to a life that works. And so we are practical, down-to-earth and making use of latest understanding regarding motivation and the use of imagination.

Online help for Depression
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Why is cognitive behavioural therapy so ineffective for so many depressed people?

The basis of CBT is to challenge simple black-and-white thoughts – such as “nobody loves me” or “ I am useless” or “everybody Is more successful than me” and so on. We all know in our quieter moments that these thoughts are too simple and not helpful. But when we are exhausted in our depression, it’s impossible to challenge them. And this is the main reason why so many who are depressed do not have the capacity to persist with CBT. It’s just too hard. More on CBT failure.

There is a second reason why you can do so much better than rely on CBT. And it is that our emotions come before our thoughts. It is our emotions, arising from around unconscious pattern matching that drive the thoughts. Emotions explained.

My online help for depression therapy uses hypnotic methods to calm your emotions.

No conventional counselling in Online Depression Help because this often makes depression worse

Depression is fed by unhelpful worrying and rumination. This leads to over dreaming, as the brain attempts to clear away the previous day’s ruminating. My online depression therapy will explain this very clearly, with the help of tailor-made audios. And as you understand this, you will begin to worry less and this will improve your sleep, reduce your dreaming and give you the beginnings of hope and energy returning.

While you are exhausted, the last thing you must do is feed the rumination by talking about the problems, issues and thoughts that are overwhelming you. You must be patient and wait until your dreaming subsides and energy is returning. Only then are you ready to deal with your life problems that perhaps fuelled the depression in the first place.

While you are exhausted and dreaming too much, you should keep away from talking therapy. Conventional counselling is the last thing you need. You do not need a safe space for you to unload your problems, however attractive that may appear to be.

What you need is to get rumination down and dreaming reduced. You need to be patient and wait until you have regained the capacity to deal with your problems. My online depression therapy will help you to do just that.

Antidepressants are not needed in Online Help for Depression

Independent reviews of the evidence on antidepressants (in other words, reviews that are not funded directly or indirectly by pharmaceutical companies) show that antidepressants do barely better than placebos. And for many, there will be side effects or difficulties around dependence and withdrawal. Read more here and here

It is so much better to be clearing depression holistically and naturally and based on an understanding of the causes of depression that do not revert to either long lists of symptoms or impenetrable jargon. That is what my online depression recovery, based on the human givens will do for you.

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Online help for Depression
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