Online Depression Therapy

online depression therapy

What to expect from my online depression therapy

I offer online depression therapy based on the Human Givens. The Human Givens approach is UK based, beginning around 2000. Already there is hard evidence of its successful treatment of depression.

We are living through a depression epidemic and the conventional treatments – medication, cognitive behavioural therapy and conventional counselling are self-evidently not working.

This human givens based online depression therapy is a clear alternative and appeals to all let down by conventional depression treatments.

What you can expect

Online depression therapy: Sleeping better and waking up refreshed.

Are you aware that the early mornings are the worst time of day for you? Do you find that even when you sleep for a long time, you wake up tired and unrefreshed? And then, does your day begin as the last one ended – worrying too much, lacking confidence in your ability to gain control and so, shutting down?

The reason why you wake up tired is because you are dreaming too much. Dreaming is exhausting and you are dreaming too much in an attempt to clear your head of the unhelpful and unproductive worrying and emotion of the previous day.

The best way to describe depression is a state of mental and emotional exhaustion. And over dreaming, in a failing attempt to get your head clear is how exhaustion takes over and then sets up a negative self-feeding cycle. Read about dreaming and its central role in generating depression. If you want to know more about the human givens dreaming hypothesis and the other great books by human givens, then go to Human Givens publishing.

Online depression therapy: More energy and self-confidence.

Depression is a state of mental and emotional exhaustion. And if you are exhausted, then life becomes too difficult and you sink further down – worrying too much and lost in a downward spiral of over dreaming and helplessness.

But, as energy improves and you worry less and sleep better, with online depression therapy you gain confidence and begin to do more. And so find yourself on an upward cycle.

My online depression therapy has identified the depression vicious cycle and the depression virtuous cycle. Is this beginning to make real sense to you?

Online depression therapy: Freeing yourself from negative memories that are currently overwhelming you.

Many who are depressed can point to the event or experience from which their depression can be traced. This can be the loss of a parent, or a job or a cherished ambition. Or it may be the horror of that first depression that stays as a powerful negative reminder. Do you have powerful negative memories that are always with you, in one form or other?

My online depression therapy will use hypnotic tools to clear these memories. You will find this liberating and potentially transformative. Using the rewind method to clear trauma. 

Online depression therapy: Your life is beginning to work better for you.

This might be in terms of your important relationships, or the work you do, or the pleasures and hobbies that you are no longer enjoying or questions of safety, security, meaning and purpose.

This is a key part of the virtuous cycle of recovery. As you turn your life around towards one that brings satisfying relationships, satisfying work and status and control and meaning, your depression will fade away.

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