Online Depression Treatment

online depression treatment

Depression is emotional and mental exhaustion – vital understanding for depression treatment online

Depression is utter mind exhaustion, fuelled by exhausting over dreaming, which in turn is a failing attempt to clear your head of useless ruminations. And then further rumination is fed by the impossibility of any release and relief, however hard you try.  And by God you are trying.

 For some, this desperate and uncontrolled downward spiral can become unendurable. To be depressed is an added layer of misery often piled upon genuine challenges, further reducing the person’s ability to cope with their difficulties.

depression viscous cycle

This online depression treatment is for all who are desperate and beginning to lose hope.

Perhaps you have gone to your doctor in good faith? Perhaps you believed that your depression was an illness similar to a bacterial infection or a stroke and that your doctor was the go to expert. Perhaps you believed that a combination of antidepressants and professional psychological treatments such as CBT would relieve your depression?

Yet despite their best medical efforts, you remain exhausted a lot of the time? You continue to lack confidence and belief? Are you losing hope and isolating yourself – less and less able to get your life working and to deal with your problems?

If this is you, then you need something different. The good news is that my depression treatment is perfectly suited to online.

Three Components to Online Depression Treatment

Understanding why you are depressed

The first component of treatment is to be completely clear in your understanding of why you are feeling as you are feeling. There is a good explanation and to truly understand it from your personal experience, will take pressure off you. You will realise you are not going mad.

Finding your calm mind

Following understanding, you will know how to slow down your mind. We call it fire fighting and this will improve your sleeping and reduce dreaming.

Trauma relief using hypnotherapy may also be an important source of a calming mind, and we can do this easily in this online  depression treatment.

Finally your online depression treatment will have experiences of a calmer mind, by the use of my Conscious Relaxation Breakthrough Audios at home or hypnotherapy online.

Helping you take the action you need to get your life working properly

Human beings need to problem solve and take action in the service of a life that can work better. As you begin to do this effectively, the depression will fade away. There is a lot of help my online depression therapy treatment can give – both practical and psychological.

Online Depression Treatment: My depressed clients speak of their depression experiences

  • I am locked in a burning room, with the impossibility of escape and the flames just get closer.
  • I’m bound securely on a treadmill that cannot be stopped so that all you can do is to keep running despite utter exhaustion.
  • I’m becoming obsessed with the idea of suicide as the one certain means of escape and this is so terrifying.
  • It’s a fearful terror borne of complete helplessness that then fuels anger or a desperate isolation borne of shame and then indeed the full gamut of overwhelming and drowning emotions.
  • I’m like a car that is flooded with petrol – so you just stop with a judder.
  • And at times I have an ice cold clarity of thought – however fleeting and beguiling.
  • I can’t control my emotions or keep them where they can help me. I feel saturated in them, exhausted and no other part of me is getting a look in. So I just cannot help myself.

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