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You can expect my therapy for depression in Cornwall and Online to be making a big difference for you – within weeks, even days. The majority who come to see me are fully recovered, within six sessions of depression therapy. And, they have the tools and understandings to stay depression free.


What you can expect from my therapy for depression in Cornwall and online

First, you will acquire a new understanding of what depression is. This will make complete sense to you, from your own lived experience of depression. The new understanding will liberate you. You will realise that you are not going mad, that the “experts” don’t really know what they’re talking about in many cases and there is a way back to emotional health.

Second, you can expect to be sleeping better and waking up increasingly refreshed and energised.

Third, you can expect to be more relaxed and calmer, more of the time. This will give you the space and time to see your life situation differently and be more empowered.

Fourth, you can expect my online and Cornwall depression therapy to be helping to deal better with your life problems that perhaps shifted you into depression in the first place. You will be more confident. You can expect to be more engaged with friends, family, work and pleasures.

What this Counselling is about
Feeling Better Fast

Depression therapy in Cornwall and online is based on the Human Givens approach

Human Givens is UK based and dates from around the year 2000. It is a scientific approach to understanding human psychology, mental well-being and dysfunction. The founders of Human Givens are Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell.

There is much on this website on the human givens and the organising idea and human givens counselling and the history of human givens. If you wish to find out more, I would recommend also that you go to human givens publishing and the main human givens website

For the purposes of depression therapy in Cornwall and online, the most important contribution is the human givens understanding is why we dream. Dreaming is the natural process whereby we discharge and clear ourselves of the previous day’s useless and uncompleted arousals. Dreaming is high-energy and if we have to dream a lot because we are ruminating a lot, then this will set up a vicious cycle of tiredness, black-and-white thinking and an inability to deal with life problems.

The common feature of all depressions is a state of mental and emotional exhaustion which feeds a negative vicious cycle.

depression viscous cycle

But thankfully, it is also easy to see the opposite – how to generate a virtuous cycle of depression recovery.

Therapy for Depression in Cornwall
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Are you Depressed?

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Therapy for Depression Cornwall and Online
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