Three Threads for Depression Recovery

How do I weave your Depression Recovery? There are three threads:  Hope, Firefighting and Partnership.
threads depression recovery

How to recover from Depression 

My sister is a weaver and is very good and well known. And if you are curious this is the Janet Phillips website


So weaving has been part of my life for a long while, albeit in a detached way. And what I do know is that a magnificent piece of weaving – of a scarf, or coat or blanket or rug can follow from only a few original threads. That the end result is unrecognisable from the threads that comprise it as the magic of the weave – and of course the skill of the weaver creates something special.

Three Threads – interwoven stages for Depression Recovery

Just three threads are required for Depression Recovery – Building hope, Firefighting to get arousal down and a Partnership to create a life that works?

From these three threads, if weaved well and in experienced hands, a path can be created that will support sustained recovery from most depressions that disfigure the lives of so many?


That is indeed what I am saying.

Ask these Three Questions as you take steps to deal with your depression

First, How does this step build hope?
Next, How does this step reduce my high arousal and stress?
Finally, Is this step helping me to take the action I need and to reframe and see things differently so I am better able to live a life that works?

Find the answers you need with my Three Threads for Depression Recovery

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