Natasha’s Journey

Natasha was a social worker who additionally, had to deal with a serious medical condition. She found that the medical authorities failed to help and this made her mental condition worse. This is her story.

The Journey begins

It started with work stress, I am a Social Worker who took on over and above my quota of responsibility, working in a crisis service, mentoring a student, while studying to become a Practice Educator. These responsibilities were much more than I was able to tolerate. Signs of stress started in April 2013 with what I did not recognise at first were heart palpitations / panic attacks.

July 2013 I woke up with unexplained double vision which started the trips to the GP and Moorfields Hospital. Weeks of consultation and little action led to my downward spiral, my psychological health was being sacrificed due to work pressure and lack of explanation about my visual problems.

I entered into the realm of sleep deprivation, anxiety, not being able to eat, poor support from my then partner. I ended up being away from work for 4 months, spending thousands of pounds on tests, endless appointments, heavily dependent on my close friends and family – who I am so grateful for.

My worse decision was to commence medication given to me by my GP who I trusted to do the right thing by me.

The medication depersonalised me, took away my emotional expression and left me completely numb, just so that I could sleep. Sleep…hmm I would enter into the world of terror and hallucinations from which I would wake up from exhausted. When I told my GP what was happening, I was told that for me to have this experience means that I was sleeping which is what I wanted!!!!!

This wasn’t for me at all, so I stopped, not knowing the withdrawal syndrome I would suffer would lead to the worst suicidal thoughts. I have known in my life.  This was horrific and un-natural for me. A and E trips after collapsing, more sleep deprivation, heart palpitations and fear of being left alone was the result.

The days that followed resulted in me being given various sedatives and anti-anxiety drugs, which when I withdrew would start my cycle of anxiety over again.

A Private Consultant within a week arranged tests and had results to hand regarding my visual problems and started me on anxiety meds again due to my exhaustion from lack of sleep.

During this phase of my journey I knew that medication truly was not my answer, I needed help on a psychological and human level.


Enter Andrew Richardson

I browsed the web and came across Andrew, called him and he could offer me an appointment at the time which suited me. This is the day I started to take control of my life….

Andrew is an amazing Practitioner; his skills are second to none. Deep relaxation and hypnosis enabled me with his help to address my issues at a subconscious level. His patience, understanding and solution focused approach really encouraged me. Even when I could not understand what was going on, he had a way to explore situations and being able to identify the causes of my difficulties, including medication issues.

Andrew enabled me to make key decisions, helped me return to work and allowed me to see my Self-worth and recognise I have everything to live for. I was able to realise that I can take as well as give. I have since made some major decisions regarding relationships, work and where I live.

Human Givens therapy worked for me and I will not hesitate to contact Andrew in the future should the need arise. I am now off all medication for 6 weeks, still recovering, but in a much better place.

Thank you, Andrew… you saved my life…