Inspiring Testimonials

These testimonials will I believe inspire hope for all who read them, that transformational change is there waiting for you.

inspirational testimonials

“I never thought I would be able to enjoy this Christmas as I normally do, but the tree is up, my house is sparkling and I am full of festive cheer – thanks to you! Your therapy is my Christmas miracle this year.” Melissa

“Thanks so much for these sessions – you’re like a mental health first responder! Working with you and understanding the Human Givens approach all these years absolutely has given me the agency I need to find ways to be OK in our crazy world.” Helen

“I was desperate when I contacted Andrew. I had seen several “traditional” therapists, but none had ever suggested that there could be permanent help. That first session wiped away all of the pain of 35 plus years. I could not believe it. What a gift Andrew has. Sure, Human Givens is the wrapper around his service, but it is he that makes the difference.” Dylan

“I feel like a new woman! Something has definitely lifted and I don’t feel like I have anything hanging over me anymore. No longer constantly second guessing myself. Thank you so much, it really is wonderful work that you do. I can only imagine how many people you’ve helped.” Amanda

“Andrew has given me my life back, he is the real thing. I liken him to an alchemist of the mind; his dross was my exhausted dysfunctional mind and in a totally grounded pragmatic, like a plumber unblocking a clogged up drain, he helped me to shift my perception and to put the light on.” Michelle

“I had learnt to have little faith in the NHS to deliver! In contrast, my first meeting with Andrew was a wholly pleasurable experience. He and I developed a meaningful rapport and focused on the root causes of my mental health issues. now consider myself to be at last content with my inner self.” Scott

“Thank you Andrew. Yes, I have noticed some differences and I’m actually in shock at how it works. It seems like such a simple process but is so effective. I have never been able to separate emotions… I either feel everything at the same time which translates as stress, frustration and anger or I feel totally numb, exhausted and de-motivated.  For the first time in what seems like forever, I am able to just be sad about something but still get on with things or angry but not in a consuming way. It’s actually a really strange but amazing feeling! I’ve never been so happy to be sad, ha ha. I’m getting so much more done and I’m more ‘in the room’. I’m so grateful and really excited about the coming sessions if we can achieve that much in one!” Preet

“Just an update on my recent hypnotherapy session – wow it was amazing, I feel so much better all the anger and hurt has gone. Feeling really positive about life and yesterday had an interview and got my dream job. I’m really excited about it.” Camilla

“Thanks for your past support at some difficult times, am better for it.” Kate

“I would like to thank you for getting Simon to where he is now, which is a very good place. He has one or two blips but they are more anxiety pulls then actual urges. I also want to thank you for all the help you gave to my son when he really was in a bad place.  That was the most invaluable gift you gave me – helping those most precious to me.”  Margaret

“I can’t really remember how bad I was when I first saw you but it all seems like a couple of years of a bad dream now.” Nick

“Just thought I’d let you know that since the session I’ve felt really good, and relaxed, and every time something negative has popped into my mind, it’s been met with a complete calmness, almost a ‘nothing’ feeling.” Herman

“It’s a joy to be able to balance myself. And you know that without you that would NOT have happened.” Kate

“Thank you very much for your help over the years. You definitely saved my career and my mental health. Thank you!”  Roxanne

“I’m in a much better place mentally now -very positive and optimistic.  I try to avoid negative people/thoughts as much as possible thus putting distance between myself and the same but keeping close to positive people and things that bring fundamental happiness.  I’m glad I had the foundation of strength in place that you helped dig out, as I lost my mother recently (she was 97) and was able to accept and deal with her passing.” Chris

“Thank you for thinking of me and all your help in the past. Some of the metaphors you used are still popping up from time to time.” Rudi

“I don’t know quite what you did but you were the only professional I have ever seen that I wanted to come back and see again.” Helen

“I think I’m… free. The day after I last saw you…everything clicked, I felt this huge overwhelming relief and broke down in tears because there was light at the end of the tunnel. The binge eating has gone…I now let myself play games and enjoy friends around me instead of panicking that I’m not working…I feel amazing…the best I’ve felt in my whole adult (and teenage) life.” Tyler

“Andrew definitely has a gift, to see to the core of issues and then very quickly put a plan into place in order to resolve them promptly and without the usual reliving of events repeatedly to try and get to the root of them.alone.” Robert

“Just wanted to say I’m really enjoying the audios and I’m doing so well. I’m really thankful to have met you.”  Carly

“You helped me so much in so many ways. I think I’ve only truly began to appreciate that fully now on reflection.” Cris

“Andrew is an amazing Practitioner; his skills are second to none. Deep relaxation and hypnosis enabled me with his help to address my issues at a subconscious level. His patience, understanding and solution focused approach really encouraged me. Even when I could not understand what was going on, he had a way to explore situations and being able to identify the causes of my difficulties, including medication issues.” Natasha

“When I left our session last week to go and get the train, the tubes were suspended as someone had thrown themselves under a train at my home station. I was so shocked and felt a deep sadness and loss. I also felt very, very lucky to have found you, as it could have easily been me under that train.” Olivia

“Thank you for your help with what was a tricky time/situation for me. You are a very loving and intelligent person and this was evident in every session and made them very effective and powerful.” Martin

“Without you, things would never have changed. I owe you so much and all that you have allowed me to achieve through setting me free. I am a success story (cannot believe that).” Amelia

“Andrew has really helped me to deal with my anxieties and self-confidence. All my friends and family have said how they notice a change in me and how I seem a lot happier and more mature when talking about certain subjects that effected my anxiety. I have really noticed a big difference in myself since meeting with Andrew. I now feel I can cope when I feel anxious.” Hatti

“Your interventions have transformed possibilities for me. I have as you know seen many so called specialists but none has got to the heart of it for me as you have.” Younger Man with a Diagnosis of Psychosis

“Thanks very much for the last session. I have never experienced anything like it. It has helped me to understand how my feelings of being bullied as a child had left me with such a poisonous legacy. I think that I am cured of this now. It’s in the past and I am determined not to let it cast its shadow on my present and my future.” Businessman with uncontrollable anger

“Andrew is a miracle worker. I have had weight issues for 40 years. After 1 visit my habits were normal!!  I could not believe this but he is amazing. Many thanks for your help.” Wayne

“I would like to thank you for the brilliant work you have done with Juliet. I’ve been thrilled to see such a good result from only a few sessions. This is out of this world to me, and I’m kicking myself as to how I didn’t try this out years ago.” Husband

“Feeling so much better and happier now. It’s thanks to you that I have been able to put my demons to bed. I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything that you have done for me.”  Omar

“You have given me so much that I want to give you something back as a testimonial that is a true reflection of this. However, I only return to the exact same thought. That is – that you have given me the most unexpected and powerful gift – you have given me back myself.” Lucy

“I just wanted to say thank you profoundly for your work, help, and patience in getting me dug out in 3 to 4 short moves. It must take incredible mental strength, flexibility, and perception to do what you do. You are opening up a completely different way of thinking for me and I’m learning a great deal.” Chris

“Andrew’s intuitive skills and profound knowledge of mental health sussed me out very quickly and put me back in touch with my own inner strength. That is his remarkable strength. I felt I could trust this man with understanding my depression, like nobody else had been able to, and I felt his positive drive would get me there. And it did.” Jo

“Nearly everything he said was directly related to my life/current situation. He was immensely helpful. It was as if he knew me better than anyone has ever known me. He listened to my responses and gave me feedback. It became an amazing, exciting, interaction.” Judy

“I truly wish I had come to see you before to give up smoking. I have no idea how it worked but it did. Hopefully, my little baby will now have a healthy start in life and I will always be grateful for your help.” Pregnant woman desperate to stop smoking

“I wanted to say another thank you for helping me achieve this as without your help I would not have managed the interviews and trial days. I cannot believe the transformation that has happened. I generally feel brighter and able to cope with life again, and slowly but surely becoming myself once more.” Woman facing a difficult court case involving her family in Nigeria

“Andrew, it would have been difficult for me to imagine the transformation in him a month ago. I keep thinking about the impact your work had on him and how influential it was. Thank you for the way you handled it, he was always open and receptive to your meetings.”  Father reporting on his teenage son

“I couldn’t have asked for a better therapist than Andrew. He was very good. He has helped me massively to calm myself down. I can’t explain what he does but it really does work I had two sessions with Andrew and after my second session I felt I could resume my life and change it to benefit me.” Veteran of Afghanistan

“Just to say thank you again for helping me to forget my past. I do feel better and my girlfriend can see the difference in me that I don’t talk about that dreadful day any more.” An older man with a terrible traumatic memory

“I’m so grateful for the help you gave me in those 2 sessions and wanted you to know what a massive, positive effect it has had on me and my work and I thought it might be helpful for you to hear about the long-term effects of your therapy.” A student with severe performance anxieties

“You stayed with me, even though you later told me that you had never experienced anything like our first session. And you kept me focussed, used powerful tools to help me and were patient and compassionate. And you believed in me. Now, having just been accepted for a PhD course, I know that I will always be grateful to you.” Middle aged Woman with Obsessive Thoughts

“I had been smoking for over 30 years, and had attempted to quit on numerous occasions, but had failed. I used gums, patches, e cigs and anything that I could get my hands on to stop. Nothing worked. One day, whilst in the dentist waiting room, I came across a leaflet that was promoting hypnotherapy to stop smoking, I called the number and after a brief consultation I was referred to Andrew. Admittedly I was rather skeptical and relayed this to Andrew when we met. I smoked a cigarette prior to our meeting. I found Andrew honest, genuine and easy to talk to.. We chatted for around half an hour before I was hypnotised. I could hear everything that was being said. I don’t know what Andrew did but to me it’s like a miracle. I haven’t smoked a cigarette since that day, and have been out socially and haven’t been tempted once. Thank you, Andrew. For once I feel free and confident that I can live my life as someone who doesn’t smoke.” Businesswoman in her forties

“One session in particular was astonishing, where several threads of truth were teased out, considered and reconfirmed and then with only a few moments preparation they were almost effortlessly woven back into a short audio, which I have replayed often.  My astonishments at Andrew’s gifts and rare ability is renewed every time I relisten to that audio.” Businessman