Authentic Depression Testimonials

Fifteen client stories in their own words – they recovered and stayed well from long standing and deep depressions.
depression testimonials

From Lily, who had recovered from a chronic depression of all of her adult life

When I first came to see Andrew I had been roaming round a territory that I could just not find my way out of. I did not really believe that I could live without depression – I did not know anything really other than a constant low level sense of despair. With an occasional dip into acute despair. Life was an endurance test. I had a couple of months with Andrew and started to feel a lot better and felt the work was complete but found that I once again fell into despair so I came back.

What happened over the time I then spent with Andrew was that I was able to detach from an extremely abusive relationship which I had previously thought I had no choice but to engage in. It was not possible to do this without a vast amount of support . I also needed time to realise for myself that this was a healthy and kind thing to do for both myself and the other person. That time was given – nothing was forced or advised or suggested.

I had not realised that it was an abusive relationship and just how devastating it had been for my emotional well being but it became apparent during my time with Andrew. It was not that we especially talked about it – it arose as the truth which I had been avoiding. It meant going through a vast amount of grief and facing a sadness that ripped through my life for a period of time but ultimately it left me freer and capable of happiness. To have that witnessed and supported by Andrew was invaluable.

I feel healed by his work – I know I will go on to new challenges but I am now living as opposed to existing.


Testimonial from Jacqueline, some six months after our final session

Shortly after moving to London I had become quite depressed and frustrated with my own lack of self esteem, low morale and subsequent inability to be self directing. I was struggling to accept myself and feeling at odds with the world at large as well as with the people closest to me. As a result I had become quite withdrawn. I Googled for things like perfectionism because I am very self critical which was one of the things both inhibiting and motivating me – I had arrived at a stale-mate between the two and was unable to function. I am an artist and as such need to be particularly self motivated so this seemed like a huge problem to me.

The information on perfectionism led me to look into Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and from there to find the Human Givens website, where I found Andrew Richardson listed. From the first time I met with Andrew I began to feel more at ease with my situation. We talked at some length and Andrew sent me home with a hypnotherapy CD to listen to. I found the CD to be very calming and quietly reassuring. I began to feel more positive about having had to seek help with my state of mind and confident that the Human Givens techniques were a suitably flexible and practical approach which could help me to deal with my problems. I had about six sessions with Andrew and no longer feel depressed and anxious.

I have been through some difficult circumstances recently affecting my physical health and I suffered a bereavement. Despite these factors I am continuing to make progress with my personal fulfillment and goals. I have been able to return to my work and have just had a painting accepted for a prestigious exhibition in central London. I have found a new studio and enough confidence in myself now to commit to leasing a space to work in. I had previously chosen to work at home as I didn’t have enough faith in myself to go out into the world of work. I have also joined a meditation/psychic development group where I have connected with a group of people who share some of my more unusual experiences and help me to make sense of them. This was an area of my life which I was living largely in denial of as I felt that anything psychic is so taboo in our society and likely to attract ridicule.

I did not broach this subject with Andrew until quite late in my therapy sessions with him and was relieved to find that he had an open mind on the subject and encouraged me to follow up my hunch to join an organisation where I could understand more about it. This has been the single most empowering thing that I have done, but I would have been more unlikely to do this or any of the other things I have mentioned if I had remained in my former state of mind prior to seeking Andrew’s help.


Testimonial from Eve, in a very dark place

I came across Andrew from the Human Givens website directory. My mother found Human Givens after searching on the internet for help for me. I was in a very dark place. Had lost all hope. I wanted to end my life as i just did not see the point anymore. I met Andrew and within a few days I started to feel better.

After meeting Andrew and listening to the downloads he gave me I began to sleep better (I was suffering with insomnia, which I had never experienced before) and felt hopeful about my life and the world around me started to look colourful again. The downloads are great at helping me feel calm & putting things into perspective. Thank you Andrew for giving me hope & lifting my depression.


Testimonial from Emma depressed and anxious since a panic attack 20 years previously

For over 20 years I’ve been battling with anxiety and depression.  I  was in denial about the depression part as I  just thought that is how I am and I can’t change it.  How wrong I was. Then a few years ago my life took a turn for the worse and I had to cope with a lot.  I found it pretty hard to deal with and every day was a struggle and a battle.  I was turning into a horrible person and I didn’t like me one single bit.  But I didn’t know how to change.  I couldn’t see a way out.  The last straw was a good friend saying to me I needed help.  The problem was that I didn’t want to sit in front of a counsellor and talking about my problems.  I knew that wouldn’t help me.

So after looking up online I found Andrew and was curious to see if he could help me.  I’m so glad I did.  He broke it down for me – explaining I’m not mad and not ill.  It was the simple explanations that made sense and even after the first session I felt lifted.  Life isn’t a struggle and three sessions later the old me has gone.  No more anxiety, no more waking up dreading the day.  I am now dealing with my life but enjoying what I have because we all know we have a lot to be grateful for.

Andrew I can’t thank you enough.  You have made me feel alive again.

Testimonial from Paul

I had been suffering from anxiety and severe depression for almost 2.5 years until September 2022 when I was recommended through a friend’s therapist to Andrew. I was on high doses of medication and had 2 spells in hospital and also sessions of ECT but nothing seemed to shift my mood. There were many days that I did not wash or go out at all and it was extremely difficult for me to even get out of bed. I did not want to do anything or meet people and was basically ashamed of myself and the situation I was in. My sessions with Andrew were all on line and I immediately found him an easy person to talk to and to open up, far more interactive than other therapists I had seen on line and in person during my illness. I had not heard previously about the Human Givens approach  and it was about 2 months of weekly sessions of conversation and hypnotherapy before I started to notice a shift in my mood. I suddenly started to feel more comfortable about doing everyday things such as shopping and not worrying about bumping into people and this made me want to do more things and take control of my life. I have gone from strength to strength over the last 2 months or so and whilst I am still taking some medication as prescribed by my pscychiatrist, I am enjoying my life again and the therapy which I had with Andrew which I have now ended, definitely played an invaluable part in my recovery.

Testimonial from Kate

I came to Andrew in the depths of a very bad depression, I have suffered with depression before but nothing like this and I have had counselling before but didn’t want to go through the whole me speaking for 95% of the session about how awful I’m feeling and getting very little constructive help on how to change this. I was drawn to Andrew’s “keep it simple” strategy and the counselling seemed more structured and actually offered ways to feel better from the start.

I warmed to Andrew immediately and felt I could trust him which was very important to me. He explained that the Human Givens therapy was very effective and usually four sessions was all that was required, yeah right I thought to myself, I felt so wretched and desperate I thought there’s no way I’ll need at least ten sessions!! Well, I’m very pleased to say Andrew was right, it was touch and go up to my third session but then it all fell into place.

I’m not saying it was easy, for me anyway, I had to go to hell before everything became clear and everything Andrew said made sense. I now feel I have the understanding and the tools to allow me to live the life I want, mentally strong and free from depression. I still listen to Andrew’s relaxation cd every morning which keeps me mindful and acts as a gentle nudge if I’m feeling at all negative.

Testimonial from Sally

I had been depressed for a year, I couldn’t sleep well, I was anxious and over sensitive to pressure visited Andrew Richardson after reading ‘How to Lift Depression Fast’ (the best selling book by Ivan Tyrell and Jo Griffin, the founders of Human Givens). I learned how to relax and put a stop at the grey ideas rumination. I revisited some parts of my childhood and more recent years to understand, fix things and release emotions. after four sessions I was officially not depressed.It’s been two months since the last session and progress has continued.

Young man now recovered from a severe depression

Apologies for the length of time I have taken to get back to you. I was at first shocked at just how quick you managed to turn around my depression and I thought that after a few days I would slide back. Weeks later and if anything I feel even better each day.

It has now been a couple of weeks since our last session and my sleep has returned to normal. With each day that goes by I’m finding new ways to tackle what used to be problems but are now challenges that when I complete I am getting a real buzz from.

I would like to thank you Andrew for your help and support and I would recommend you to anyone contemplating the decision to use his services.

Young Mum who wrote this some four years after our work together

I do remember you and your kindness to me at a time when I was suffering. I really appreciated it. I began meditating shortly after my sessions with you and have developed a regular spiritual practice which I have found very beneficial. Through this, I have developed much healthier strategies for coping with stressful times and am much kinder to myself than before. I haven’t had a relapse and I feel confident in my emotional resilience now; something that wasn’t the case before meeting you and the Human Givens approach. Your support, at a time when I needed it, helped get me on the path I am on now and I am grateful for that.

Young woman with powerful suicidal thoughts

Andrew understands the pointlessness and the unnecessary pain caused by going over and over the thoughts that are tormenting you. He could see from the moment he met me that I was in no fit state to explain what was wrong – yet he still managed to help me. It was miraculous. I probably said a handful of words in that first session- and Andrew didn’t chat much either. But the quality of what he said gave me an instant hope. Part of the weight had been lifted and he insisted on taking the burden from me. The most significant thing he said to me at that first meeting was ‘suicide is a solution…but let’s find a better one’.

In all I had four sessions before I felt recovery. With each session I felt a gradual progress and lightening in my life. I could see other options and could see all the things I had to look forward to. Before meeting with Andrew I couldn’t imagine the future, there was nothing there, it felt like a dark void- and it frightened me so much.

Two mothers talking about their daughters

I want to thank you for the work you did with Anna. The sessions have been so very helpful and have allowed her to emerge from a very dark place. I speak to Anna very regularly and I am amazed at how much her outlook has changed in such a short time. She has mended her friendships and is talking positively about her future. Clearly she still has a way to go but the strategies you have helped her develop are enabling her to find positive ways forward. Thank you so much for helping my daughter to get her life back. The Human Givens approach came highly recommended to me and I will certainly recommend it to others.

I truly appreciate the help you have given Lauren – she drip-feeds me details here and there. I sensed your compassion over the phone and just as you promised – you did help her. For that I cannot thank you enough. She is lighter, more positive, more forward looking and more importantly, she now seems equipped with an “emotional toolkit” for everyday use and that is down to you. Thank you seems insufficient but it’s lovely to be able to say it.

Testimonial from Graham, who emailed me this a year after our final session

I have been doing a new type of work (driving a mobile exhibition and roadshow for a diabetes charity) which, while it has its own stresses, they are not the same as those associated with my normal work. Your guidance has helped my wife and I deal better with the depression – and each other – and we are progressing nicely, I think. I go to the depression alliance meetings still but I am increasingly taking a contrary view to a majority of those there who say “once a depressive always a depressive”. I don’t want to believe that and I am improved for thinking in the positive way that you have advocated.

I am much livelier, more social and have been throwing myself into some long outstanding DIY projects. I am sleeping well most nights too. Overall the word would be energised. Much of this is, I feel down to our sessions for which I thank you again. Perhaps I can continue to stay in touch as things continue to progress.

Testimonial from Carol, who emailed me this six months or so after our final session.

A traumatic birth and a life saving operation had me three months later in a low and confused, jumbled, hyper, over-processed world. One I did not recognise in myself nor could leave or control. I was being led down the counselling and anti-depressant route by my GP but felt this was not naturally the best option to heal my wounded mind and the creative spirit I once had.

When I contracted Andrew I was really unaware of the immediate shift and relief the treatment would give me to help rebuild my life. It’s important to know that to heal yourself in this way is a very powerful tool. It is quick and puts in place a healthier new pattern to life immediately.

I’m now a few months on, back in a successful role at work and life has naturally and organically slotted back into place. Drugs would not have taken me on this journey and I’m so glad that my inner voice and instinct knew this would only make me worse.

Look no further in the help, understanding and support you will receive from a very dedicated man passionate in his understanding of the mind. Most importantly understand that the “SHIFT” you need right now away away from depression to a “HEALING” state is simply right here. A huge thank you to Andrew – words are not enough.

Testimonial from Jo, who saw me just three times for her debilitating depression

I want to thank you for treating my depression so quickly, I was locked into the worst depression in my life and could not enjoy anything. Yet I had just moved to a beautiful new house with my partner and my son had returned home from 6 years away but yet I was totally unhappy. I could not understand it. I should have been happy but I could not do a thing to the house, because I was not myself. Generally I am artistic but I had lost touch with my intuition to know how to be creative, or cook or socialise or talk to people. I just wanted to hide and to sleep. Two sessions with Andrew and I am cured. Woke up after second session and the depression was not there! Just like he said. It had gone and now I am enjoying everything I do again.

I would like to study Human Givens and help other people with this fantastic healing process.I totally agree with this new and radical approach to mental distress. Something I think the dear old NHS could learn a lot from and replace their reliance on pills and older forms of therapy.

Andrew’s intuitive skills and profound knowledge of mental health sussed me out very quickly and put me back in touch with my own inner strength. When he said I had emotional trauma hanging over me I sensed it was moving as a child to boarding school and his directions helped me contact the pain and the guilt of not feeling grateful for being sent away to this supposedly fabulous place. But Andrew sensed how to deal with this so quickly. That is his remarkable strength. I felt I could trust this man with understanding my depression, like nobody else had been able to, and I felt his positive drive would get me there. And it did. Thank you.

Testimonial from Cris around three months after our final session

Thought I would drop you a little line with an update on how I’m doing now as we haven’t spoken for some time but also I spotted something today that made me think of you.

The biggest development is my work life. I have been approached by an old colleague in respect to a job. This was an unexpected development but I feel so fortunate to have this opportunity land in my lap. Not that I haven’t earned it mind. I bumped into this person while attending another individuals leaving party. It was a completely random encounter but one that wouldn’t have happened if I had been sitting at home feeling sorry for myself! I’ve been making much more of a conscious effort to socialise more again, meeting up with old friends on a regular basis. I’m not walking on air all day by any means but I feel as though I’ve made huge significant progress in the right direction.

The change has been so refreshing and just seeing how I’ve achieved these changes inspires me to attempt more in life. I have you to thank for that. One of the most valuable lessons you taught me is that you have to take action in life to achieve things and to facilitate change. It’s a very hard lesson to learn when you’re in a pit of despair but if you can summon the courage to take action then that’s the medicine you need to move forward and the reward is more than worth the effort.

I think I’ve talked for long enough now! Hope everything is good with you and family. Miss our chats, you helped me so much in so many ways. I think I’ve only truly began to appreciate that fully now on reflection.