Partnership – the third thread for Depression Recovery



Our Partnership will move you towards a life that works

Partnership for depression recovery is between you and me. To move you ever closer towards a life that works. This means that your emotions, imagination and other resources are working better. In consequence you are getting your essential emotional needs well met. Not necessarily perfectly but in a more balanced way. This will create resilience for you.

A life that works according to the Human Givens

The Human Givens Organising Idea makes so much sense. The reason is that it puts the focus on practical action and change, rather than on pathology.

 If someone is living a life that is working then they are most unlikely to be depressed (any disagreement there?).While most depressions begin with a life that is going wrong in some way and cannot be made to work. It then becomes even worse – into a vicious cycle that it is working even less well.

My side of the partnership


I will listen and learn – to understand how and in what direction you would wish to move. And then to relate this to the Human Givens needs formulation.

In the first place, it will be about relationships – either close one-on-one relationships or more distant family and group relationships.

Second we all understand that work is key for a life that works – either in terms of career or family as well as hobbies and wider understandings of what brings meaning and purpose.



Regaining Control

The other area where needs are never met for someone enduring depression is in the area of control – notably control of emotions. Indeed it is the lack of control of emotions and being able to use them rather than them overruling you is the overriding factor that creates the fear and worry that drives the depression in the first place. 

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