Feeling Better Fast

Here’s How

Want to be feeling better fast? Here’s how!

There is so much that can be done to help you to be feeling better fast. Of course, if you are lost in depression, anxieties or addictions, this seems impossible. And so my first task will be to shift that perception and give you a direct experience of the beginnings of relief and release.

I am trained in the Human Givens approach and these profound and revolutionary insights are the basis for my work.


Are you not coping – tired all the time, your head not working properly and full up with ruminations and worries?

I will help you to feel better fast as you become hopeful of the prospect of change. I will explain why you are feeling so bad and then guide you with tailor made tools and advice you can use right away.  And in that first session, I will do most of the talking. 


Are you fearful too much of the time?  Are you vigilant and watchful and sometimes are you overwhelmed with panic and dread?

I will help you to feel better fast by identifying the source of your anxieties and then clearing them with the use of trance tools and practical advice as necessary.  And again, I will do most of the talking in that first session and be very precise in the questions I ask and the explanations I give.


Are you drowning in addictions and bad habits that are destroying your capacity to live the life you would wish to and leaving you humiliated and helpless?

I will help you to be feeling better by explaining how this addictive behaviour has taken over and the steps you need to take to get free and be in control.

Laid low by mental and emotional problems? Desperate to be feeling better fast?

Read my straightforward explanations of what causes depression, anxieties of all kinds, angers and addictions. For many of you these explanations will be surprising and liberating.

They are based on the profound ideas of the Human Givens approach and my clinical experiences in using these ideas in over fifteen years of successful private counselling practice.

I am an optimist.  You can recover from mental and emotional problems and stay well and do much better than to rely on conventional medical approaches.
Feeling Better fast – yes you can


Clearing your headspace and shift your focus
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Understanding Human Givens (a ten minute talk)

Explaining Emotions (a ten minute talk)

How to gain trust in my ability to help you feeling better fast?

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To gain trust that I am the person to help you to be feeling better fast, I am offering you a free no obligation counselling session.

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Feeling Better Fast

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Hard Evidence of 85% plus success


I have lots of testimonials – inspiring, extended and focusing on experiences of recovery from depressions, anxieties, addictions and using Skype.

Case Studies

Depression case studiesanxiety case studiesaddiction case studies … and finally, my casebook.


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Feeling Better Fast – what you need to know

How I plan to relieve your emotional and mental pain?

  • By a quick injection of hope and mental energy
  • By clearing your head space – of foolish fears, bad memories and damaging habits
  • By shifting your focus to what is good and useful in your life experiences and belief systems
  • By helping you to take the first practical step, which will then lead onto the next … and the next

There is a well established tradition of therapy which leads attention to what works and to your strengths and resources and to the use of the trance language of influence. My Human Givens training and my practice over many years is suffused in this.

Feeling Better Fast

Trance/hypnosis is not magic or scary and you can discover just how amazing it can be

Trance will probably play a big part in your recovery – to experience relaxation, remove trauma memories, clear bad habits and rehearse the change you yearn for. 

What I will NOT be doing in our therapy together

  • No endless talking about your problems
  • No long lists of “health tips” or statements of the “bleeding obvious” that leave you feeling helpless
  • No impossibly difficult advice before you are ready – such as to meditate or begin an exercise programme
  • No focus on those repeating thoughts that you don’t need to be reminded are crazy and foolish.


Feeling Better Fast

This video remains as true now as when it was recorded.

Feeling Better Fast
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