Clearing Covid Trauma

covid trauma

You have Covid trauma? Are the memories of that time when coronavirus seemed a fearful threat still vivid? Do you need to be clearing Covid trauma?

To what extent do the memories of early 2020 and what then unfolded through the rest of the year remain powerful? Further, are they too powerful for the ever evolving times in which we now live? Is it time to be clearing covid trauma memories? Or at the very least, is it time to loosen the covid trauma memories? Is it time for you to calmly stand back and see the bigger picture?

Listen to the audio. What are you discovering? Are you finding Covid trauma?


Is it really hard to let go and to stand separate as an onlooker? Are the emotions still powerful? Do you have a unsettling awareness that they may be too powerful and inhibiting you today?


Clearing powerful memories of the Great Covid Disruption

Powerful pattern matching memories that remain lodged in the primitive brain can inhibit and sabotage behaviours and actions that would serve you so much better. By inhibiting this, they can fuel serious mental distress.

Is this true for you as you recall your experiences of 2020? Here is an audio from my Trauma Release Breakthrough Audios. This audio will take you through a straightforward Rewind trance. You can use this to clear the powerful memories that remain from the onset of the disruption.

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Text of Finding Covid Trauma Audio

Find a place to sit down or lie down and just spend a moment to be aware of yourself stretching out. You might choose to have the awareness of your body stretching out from the top of your head to the very tips of your toes. And now be aware of your legs – as they stretch all the way down from the top to your ankles and toes. Is your right leg heavier or lighter or warmer or colder than your left leg? Or are you not noticing any differences at all. How curious is that.  And you could spend a moment to be aware of your chest as you breathe in… and out. Spend a moment to the aware of the in breath and the out breath stretching longer and longer. Yes, that’s right.

As you rest and relax and are listening to these words speaking to you, you can travel back in your memory time line.

 Go back to that moment of time that stretches out to all of that time in the early part of 2020, that seems such a long time ago now but could be yesterday also. What are the images coming I wonder? An early experience of the shock and horror and fear of the disease, I wonder? Are there TV screens – of chaos in the Italian hospitals? Are you aware of Boris flanked by his two wise men and what he was saying? Or are there other big names and important people? And what elsee? Is there novelty and newness, at home and exploring and fearfulness in constriction and stuckness, perhaps excitement and challenge and loss?

 What other memories are presenting to you right now? How vivid are they? Do they relate to that early time or later? The novelty of lockdown and the excitement or was it fear even then of what was emerging? Stay with it for a moment. This is your moment and your memory and the image and the feelings are yours and you alone.

 And having awareness of the emotions of course, those feelings and how strong those feelings are. How easy do you find it, to look back on that time and in this moment? To stand separate from that time –as an observer, a watcher an onlooker? Or, is that really hard?

Human Givens Institute on Covid Trauma