The REWIND Method will clear trauma – hypnotherapy at its very best

The Rewind method to clear trauma is as important for a Human Givens therapist as antibiotics are for a doctor. FIND OUT WHY.

Using the REWIND method to clear trauma

REWIND is a trance method that can clear most powerful negative trauma memories in one session. This Rewind method is refined from Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) by the Human Givens founders. It can also be understood as Imaginal Exposure Therapy. This is important, as defined this way it can be accepted as consistent with NICE guidelines.

REWIND does NOT require that the traumatic experiences be retold to the therapist. REWIND is non-voyeuristic.
The key elements of REWIND are:
  • Activation of the memory
  • Deep relaxation
  • A dissociated rehearsal and revisiting of the memory, which has the effect of shifting the memory from the crude limbic system to the pre-frontal cortex.

After the REWIND has been completed, powerful and effective trance work is also possible. This can either rehearse beneficial change or work in other ways to enhance future possibilities and resources.


Examples of Traumas relieved as a prelude to healing and recovery

Here is a list of successful examples of Trauma relieved using the Rewind trance method. The listing is just what came into my mind by a quick recall of past cases, written down in no particular order and in no way complete.

    • Periods of sexual abuse by an uncle and the subsequent trauma around the lack of family support
    • Experiences of a very a difficult family gathering, dominated by rejection and loneliness
    • Veteran of Basra, reliving a six week period of siege
    • A car accident that led to a phobia of motorways….an accident on a roof that was still causing a fear of height, fifty years later….a hospital visit with mother that was generating a needle phobia fifteen years on
    • The death of a much loved parent and the subsequent pressure of having to cope
    • School bullying that extended to feeling of loneliness and separation and collapsing self confidence
    • A teenage school humiliation involving the breaking of equipment
    • A vivid recollection of mental breakdown five years previously
    • Moving house as a young girl, forty years ago
    • Leaving home and forced to go to boarding school when 6 years old (now 73).
    • Sickness on a tube journey late at night
    • Mugging attack in the middle of the street in broad daylight
    • The slow realisation that a grave career mistake had been made and that at the time, nothing could be done to rectify the mistake
    • Extreme embarrassment at an office presentation
    • Panic attacks extending over a month with the first particularly terrifying
    • A new mother wetting herself on the subway
    • The memory of the awfulness of that first depression
    • Discovery as a teenager that for many years her much loved father had been conducting a clandestine affair

When to Rewind in the first session?

I clear trauma in around 70% of the clients I see, using Rewind

I want to let you into a little secret.  It is that around 75% of the clients I see, whether it for help with depression, anxieties of all kinds, addictions, diagnoses of personality disorder and so on or just having issues that need dealing with, will require me to clear the trauma of some kind lurking somewhere in their past.

I can use Rewind to clear trauma (or traumas) and Rewind will “work” nearly every time.  I think that is pretty amazing.  OK I am experienced with Rewind now and can deal with ab-reactions and complications. And also if my client does not have a very good visual memory. But knowing that this tool is there if I need it and that it will play a part in the recovery of up to three-quarters of my clients.  And I would guess that is so for other Human Givens practitioners too.  Well, that is an enormous comfort.

This leads me to another point that links directly with how Human Givens sees mental illness.  It is that most mental problems arise from a coping strategy that does not work. For example, we know that excessive and unproductive worrying will lead to depression.  So imagine what it would be to live with trauma memories – with emotions, nightmares and avoidance that arise without any means of control. It is clear that that could so easily unravel to makes one’s life even worse.


It will be enough to make you mentally ill

It also makes you wonder how therapists who purport to help with the mental problems of their clients manage to do so in the absence of any means to de-traumatise – which of course is the situation for most counsellors, Cognitive Behavioural Therapists and psychiatrists. Probably like doctors before the discovery of antibiotics – i.e not very well.


My Trauma Release Breakthrough Audios will lead you in the use of Rewind. You will be able to do your own Trauma Release.

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