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Be excited by this Human Givens formulation of our resources – our guidance system to getting our needs met and our life working.
human givens resources

Understand your Human Givens resources & guidance system

Having reviewed how well you are now getting your essential human needs met, the next step is to review your resources and capacities – that are guiding you (or not) to getting these needs better met.

Your resources have evolved over countless generations and then your unique life experiences has augmented, shaped and perhaps damaged their effectiveness to some degree.

Is this system guiding you right now to make practical and achievable changes in your life?

Review this next section and the questions posed.
Do take your time – it will be worth it.

And here is what the Human Givens have to say 

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Our awesome Human Givens Resources

One incredibly important resource is your imagination

The sight and feel of better futures could be the motivation which will enable you to realise these better futures. Let your mind wander free. Where would you like to be in say a years time or les than that, or a little more? How would it look and feel? See yourself there. What are you wearing? How are you conducting yourself? Who is with you and how are they reacting to you? Are they impressed or pleased? And where are you? See something clearly – can you touch it? How might you reach it?

Or it could be for you it is the fears of a bad future that could motivate you away in the opposite direction.
Or there could be a time or period in your past – either very good or very bad that can move you towards something good or again away from something you would rather avoid.

Stay with whatever comes up and know that tis could be the very power you are looking for to move you and from this you will see the outline of a path to travel on.

And your conscious, rational mind allows you to find the best solutions to your problems.

What would you tell a friend to do if they were in your situation? What is the best rational advice yo could give them… and give you? And what would a close friend be advising you right now?

And there is your ability to ‘know’ intuitively

We all understand the infinite variety of the world by seeing it as being ‘like’ something else and this ‘like’ is stored as a pattern in our unconscious memory bank. And as we make a connection with this pattern – and emotion will arise to communicate to you – intuitively if you like that word – so that you can make sense of it.

And you can just begin to open to these feelings and to recognise them and to see if you can catch the pattern match – like the essence of a tantalizingly beautiful scent. And you can do this best when you are calm and relaxed like now – then your emotions can really speak to you.

Or are some memories and emotions disturbing and uncontrollable. Then specific extra work is needed.

And you have complex long term memory and your capacity to undertake complex tasks is enormous.

What are you most proud of? Reach down to this proud feeling and be ready to re-use it. It could be your children or a relationship or an achievement or a skill  you have developed. Or something residing in a special memory.

What are your qualifications – as a graduate or a teacher or in business or a profession or as a mother or a friend or a gardener or a handyman? And do you have a piece of paper that states your qualification or does your qualification come from your experience of life. it doesn’t really matter.

And what of that ability to empathise and connect with others?

It just happens automatically – your mirror neurons connecting with and feeding back from all who cross your path. There is a complex dance – as facial expressions and bodies react and lead. And it is this barely recognizable dance that keeps you connected to others – for work, play, attention, intimacy and just connection – whether fleeting and sudden or long lasting and deep.

Do you sense or believe that it needs augmenting – are you shy, restrictive and fearful in company?

And you can if you choose, step back or above yourselves and move into your observing self

Imagine – it is just like stepping outside yourself and looking on — to be that part of you that is aware of itself as a unique centre of awareness.

In your observing self, you will see your situation more calmly and in a more detached manner and so find different perspectives and solutions. How could you look at your situation differently? How would it be if you stood a mile away or at the top of a mountain or from a different future a year from now or a past of a year ago?

And of course we all dream even if we often cannot remember our dreams

Dreaming keeps our emotions working well by allowing us to let go of the emotions that came up that day and are still there – unresolved and festering away. Dreaming dissolves the emotion as a circle is completed – by acting the emotion out in our dreaming imagination.

As you observe your emotions now – some strong or weak or positive or dissatisfied – you can choose to take comfort from the knowledge of your innate and extensive capacities and resources – even if they may appear to be hidden from you at this time. And decide where you can work to enhance resources. Either on your own or give me a call.

And of course we all dream even if we often cannot remember our dreams.

My Human Givens therapy will heal and restore your awesome resources to better guide you towards a life of balance where your essential human needs are well met.