Andrew M Richardson

For thirty years I worked as a professional economist; in Africa (Swaziland) and for the UK Treasury, then in the city and finally as a consultant financial economist. Some may consider this as the perfect training for counselling and psychotherapy. I am in my mid 60s.

I began my journey to this counselling practice at the beginning of the century. During this time, I studied and meditated extensively, particularly in the Buddhist tradition and studied the Enneagram Personality Typing System. This culminated in intensive Human Givens training in 2002-2005.

Human Givens attracted me because it made sense, it did not require that you needed therapy yourself, it was free of the artificial constraints to how counsellors should work and most important, I had a profound sense that I could do this. I could see how it would help many people and that my unconventional background (for a therapist) might actually be an advantage.

I have been counselling full time since 2005.

My practice is based in my home in Woodford Green on the East London/Essex border, where I live with my second wife and young daughter. I am a father again, late in life and am enjoying watching Ella grow with love, support and lots of attention.

I have been suffering from a chronic and slowly progressing MS (multiple sclerosis) for many years. It has reached the stage where walking is tricky and so much of my life is centred in my home and close by. Yet despite this and the near certainty of continuing deterioration, I am pretty content. My capacity to practice my therapy at home is not in any way compromised. And the wellbeing lessons I share with my clients are for me as well.

Being close to a number of transport links and with ease of parking I am convenient for clients coming from all over East London, North London, Essex, Hertfordshire and indeed London wide.

The miracle of Skype and email have also allowed me to help people across the world.

My purpose in my Feelbetter Counselling practice is to assist those who seek help to live their lives where freedom, control and taking responsibility are expanded and where understandings of what works practically facilitates and supports this.

My aim is to empower, as it is a lack of control somewhere down the line that lies at the heart of most distress, be it a depression, anxieties of all kinds, trauma, angers, addictions or obsessions, a lack of self confidence, dissatisfaction and relationship problems.

It is not primarily about counselling techniques – but something rather more profound.

Feelbetter Counselling is rooted in common sense, is optimistic and sensitive to your values and wishes. It is to do the very best for you – to be honest and transparent and to give good value.

To provide counselling/psychotherapy which is the antidote to what so often is unsatisfactory about the NHS and conventional medicine or indeed many private counsellors.

My training and relevant qualifications


  • HG.Dip.P
  • The practitioner qualification from the Human Givens College Advanced Certificate in Human Givens
  • MHGI
  • Accredited member of the Human Givens Institute

I abide by the HGI code of ethics


  • GQHP
  • Member of the General Hypnotherapy Register
  • Qualified in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • Qualified with the NSCI (Smoking Cessation)

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