Online Anger Therapy

online anger therapy

Do you have a problem with anger? Or are you warned about your anger by those close to you and you don’t believe it is a problem? In either event, it is worth your while pondering what might be going on. This online anger therapy will help you do just that. And if changes are needed, my anger management therapy online will help you make them.

Anger is a natural human reaction, evolved over millennia in order to protect us and keep us safe from threat. It is safe to say though that as modern society has evolved, the crude anger response is now less appropriate and increasingly unhelpful to keep you safe and getting what you need.   

Online anger therapy will identify the sources of any anger responses that are uncontrolled and not helping you. We will find these in past trauma, molar memories (to be described below) and the lack of control that you find in the life you now lead.

These psychological factors from your past will be identified and healed, mainly using online hypnotherapy and tailor made audios. The online anger therapy will also identify where changes need to be made to how you live your life, either at work or home or both and give you the tools you need to stay this side of that big red line. This is authentic anger management therapy online.

Online anger therapy will find the trauma and clear it for you

Out of control anger responses can often be attributable to trauma memories, which themselves arise uncontrollably. These trauma memories can involve bullying, sexual abuse, the loss of a cherished ambition, jealousy and much else. My online anger therapy will use the hypnotic rewind method to clear the trauma. You will find this liberating and as you gain control, so your anger outbursts will cease.

What are molar memories and why might these be the hidden source of uncontrollable anger?

Molar memories reflect the possible existence that the uncontrollable anger has two memory roots: of pain and pleasure. The pleasure is hidden behind the pain of an original experience, which invariably comes from childhood. It is that hidden excitement of the original anger outbursts and the unconscious desire to replicate it that drives the apparently inexplicable compulsion.

Once the molar memory is identified, it can be cleared with the use of hypnotherapy. The original memory can be let go, as it is reframed as child like and no longer useful.

Online anger therapy – learning to relax

If you are angry, you are by definition not relaxed. However, relaxation can be practised, like playing the piano or learning tennis. And the more you practice; you will find it easier to calm your anger response.

We will practice this in online anger therapy. You will have experiences of deep relaxation and calmness. There are also resources on my website for you to use. This Relaxation Tools page is a good place to start. And you will see there the Conscious Relaxation Audio Programme featured. This will be available to you as part of your online anger and anger management therapy online.

Building control and confidence – anger management therapy online at its best

An anger response will be useful, if there is a genuine need to assert and defend yourself. However you always need to stay this side of that red line. The red line is the boundary between having awareness of anger and retaining sufficient control to know how and in what way to use that anger on the one hand … and losing control on the other hand.

My anger management therapy online will keep you on the right side of the red line

  1. Identifying and clearing trauma and any molar memories.
  2. Learning how to relax and experiencing deep relaxation.
  3. Helping you to make the changes you need to feel more in control and content in your life. This is where the Human Givens organising idea. comes in. You will undertake a needs audit to see what is needed.

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