Online Addiction Therapy

Is your addiction taking over or is it not yet quite at that stage? Is your addiction around substances, behaviour or intrusive thoughts? It is illegal, shameful or is it hiding in plain sight? My online addiction therapy will help you move on to something better. Online addiction therapy is based on the revolutionary human givens approach. We will use online meetings, hypnotherapy and tailor made breakthrough audios.

Every journey of 1000 miles begins with one step.  And so it will be for you also as you embark on my online addiction therapy.  Your journey will be not only to stop your addiction but to move onto something much better.

This online addiction therapy will help you overcome your psychological dependence – be it the essential element of substance abuse and alcohol or behaviours that are entirely psychological – gambling, internet pornography and the like.

Do these four statements make sense to you? 

  1. Your addiction is not an illness. It is an ingrained habit fed and strengthened by the life you are leading.
  2. You are not aiming to recover from your addiction. Instead you want to move forward to a life which is better and healthier.
  3. Your will power alone will never be enough on its own but neither do you have to rely on an outside power.
  4. It will be one step at a time.  And your addiction will slowly cease to be the overwhelming problem it is now.

How Addiction Works

Regular exposure to Online Addiction Therapy:

  • Embed understandings of what is driving addiction and entrapment
  • Show where you are on the road to control and how you got lost in the first place
  • Build motivation – to something better and away from what is so much worse
  • Reprogramme negative emotional triggers

Key elements of your day to day life will be shifting.  You will be creating a virtuous cycle, to replace the downward vicious cycle you are now lost in.

Four great addiction metaphors

You will learn

  • The cuckoo in the nest metaphor and why you must take it slowly at the beginning
  • Why your willpower alone will never be enough
  • How you got lost in your deep addiction trench and how to fill that trench up – so you can see where you have come from and where you wish to go
  • The green / red door choice and how to use it to build unstoppable positive motivation
  • If Depression and Trauma are contributing and what you can do about that
  • How your addiction can just fade away when the time is right

A Taster for My Online Addiction Therapy


You are not aiming to recover from your addiction – as why would you want to return to how life was before? Online addiction therapy is about moving beyond addiction to something better. The changes you will be experiencing are setting you up for moving beyond to a life that works.

I hope that this free Taster audio can prove this to you – it will do more than just get you started.
I use a great island in the sea metaphor and metaphor is the language of your unconscious. And so it will really talk to you.

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