Great Addiction Metaphors – stuck in a deep trench, unable to see out

Look at this image of a trench and imagine that you were right in it.

The trench is deep and you certainly cannot see out.   And in this trench you can only move forward or backward but not side to side.  And there is more.  Because you cannot see out of the trench, you have no idea what is outside of the trench in either direction.

Ok on the left side as you face forward you do have a dim idea that your past is laid out – the story of your life to this moment and how you got to where you now are. But the brutal truth is that your past is pretty much a mystery as you don’t have a clear story of cause and effect. It all kind of happened, didn’t it?

In many ways you see yourself as the hapless victim, out of control and just reacting to what is happening.

And on the right side going forward your future laid is out – the future that you have a vague aspiration to have.  But your future away from your addiction is barely to be seen or imagined – and that is the brutal truth of it.

It is as if you are stuck in the present – going backwards and forwards reliving and re-experiencing the same life day after day.

Truly you are trapped in your current existence because you have no real understanding of how got to where you are and therefore no vision of where you want to go.



And that is the stuck in a deep trench, unable to see out addiction metaphor. How much sense does it make to you from your own direct experience?

Four great metaphors to explain addiction.

The CUCKOO  and the ISLAND, the TRENCH and the BOWL.