Online Addiction Counselling

My proven online addiction counselling, based on the human givens approach will help you move beyond your addiction to a life that is better.
online addiction counselling

My online addiction counselling will make complete sense to you


My online addiction counselling will restore self-confidence and a self-feeding virtuous cycle. You will move beyond your addiction to something better.

All human beings are attracted to pleasurable activities and experiences. It is only when this natural attraction is transformed into a powerful psychology that danger arises.

Then, the addiction destroys what is balanced and valuable in your life. And this in turn creates hopelessness and humiliation and a self feeding vicious cycle.

Is this true for you?

What Human Givens has to say about addiction

The Three Stages of my Online Addiction Therapy

Step One is Understanding

You will understand the psychology of why you have become addicted and then see a clear practical path back to health. You will learn not to even pretend that your will power will be enough on its own. You will also learn that you must take your time. You will take small steps that will lead to bigger changes and the new life you desire.

Your addiction is neither an illness nor a lifetime condition. Instead your addiction has been fed by habits and patterns and lifestyle that have locked in your addiction. But, this can be changed – slowly at first then completely and powerfully.


Step Two is Emotions Shifted

Your emotional responses drive the action you take that keeps you trapped in addiction. These emotional responses are your triggers and motivations and how you feel about yourself. Using trance tools and tailor-made audios, these emotional responses will be shifted. This will be liberating for you.


Step Three is Practising

By practising in your day-to-day life, you will be setting new pathways in your brain. This will get your life back on track, so you no longer need the addiction.

Talking for its own sake is not enough. This is why my online addiction therapy is based on powerful hypnotherapy and tailor made audios. And then you will take action in your day-to-day life that will shift the action pathways of your brain.

My Moving Beyond Addiction Audio Programme will be central to your online addiction therapy with me.

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