This post is introducing you to molar memories which can explain inexplicable compulsions. Why is it that we persist in doing these mad and crazy things?

Compulsions, if hiding behind a long distant memory can be easily cleared

We all have compulsions – which are patterns and habits and moods and motivations, which when we think about them, don’t make much sense. For most of us, for most of the time, these compulsions are simply a little odd or annoying. For example for a long time I was an obsessive time keeper and went to great lengths always to be early for appointments.

For some though, these hidden and inexplicable impulses are damaging, humiliating and destructive and necessarily are kept hidden.

These impulses could be based on a molar memory – and if they are, then they can be cleared quickly.

What are Molar memories?

Molar memories reflect the probable existence that the compulsions have two memory roots: of pain and pleasure. The pleasure is hidden behind the pain of an original experience, which invariably comes from childhood. It is that hidden pleasure and the unconscious desire to replicate it that drives the apparently inexplicable compulsion.

For example, that first pleasure of trying out your Mum’s clothes as a little boy is hidden behind the pain and humiliation of being discovered doing it.

Molar memories can be found in the most unlikely places and I have found that there has been some quite extraordinary rapid recoveries and change, once the memory has been identified and been made conscious.

For example, I have found that Molar or hidden memories have been, for certain clients, the source of:

    • Extreme shyness and social phobia
    • Unremitting workaholism
    • Apparently unstoppable binge drinking
    • Uncontrolled anger outbursts
    • Extraordinarily powerful and inexplicable mood swings
    • Sexual obsessions which have remained powerful for most of an adult lifetime
Based on the work of Joe Griffin
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