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I share here all that I believe is fundamental to the understanding and treatment of Anxieties. It reflects my training in Human Givens in the early years of this century and my practice as a busy Human Givens practitioner since then.
anxiety treatment

My Treatment for Stress and Anxiety will liberate you

Many people become so angry and frustrated with their anxiety because they know that the thoughts and fears they have are not rational. So they can be very hard on themselves which just makes the problem worse.  They are reluctant to seek stress and anxiety treatment. The benefits of counselling for anxiety are hidden from them.   Is that true for you?

If so, then take heart. Your anxiety does not mean you are either crazy or weak-willed. There is a scientific and easily believable explanation.  And my stress and anxiety treatment will soon have your mind under control: whether you suffer from panic attacks, trauma, social anxieties, performance worries, phobias of all kinds or anxieties that are spreading out to large areas of your life.

Anxiety is an enduring and vital capacity of humans that gets out of hand, perhaps particularly in today’s complex and highly stimulating environment. So what is the best anxiety attack treatment?


Anxiety Treatment: What Anxiety is telling us:

It tells us that we have to take into account the unconscious aspects when treating these problems

It tells us that anxieties are natural responses that become habitual ones

It tells us that anxieties can look like a problem with body chemistry, but that this is not true in the vast majority of cases

It tells us that new skills, approaches and understandings can show us how to be calm again in situations that previously caused anxiety and panic

New, more appropriate patterns and associations can replace unhelpful ones

With a combined approach of thinking strategies , relaxation and visualisation techniques, knowledge and lifestyle alterations, even the most severe of panic and anxiety disorders can be cured.


Anxiety treatment in four stages.
Why can you have real hope of recovery.
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Anxiety treatment– what needs to be done?

Stress and anxiety is the normal and healthy response to a life that is not working and where there are problems and issues to be dealt with. Unfortunately, the level of stress and anxiety can become so great that the problems are not resolved, but are amplified. Then anxiety problems will manifest. This can take a wide range of forms but as a core, there is an over-activation of the crude flight or fight response.

The over activation of flight or fight must be quietened down. My counselling services for anxiety will do this. Not by talking about the problem but by effective and targeted hypnotherapy.


Counselling services for anxiety

Anxieties are an over sensitivity to the flight or fight response. Flight or fight is an essential part of what it is to be human and has evolved to keep us safe.  But if this fear response is overactive and fires when it is not needed, then this will manifest as a problem. Anxiety help requires that this is quietened down or you are at permanent risk of emotional hi-jacking, and then (and this is the crucial bit), the attempt to mitigate or cope will itself make the situation worse.

Over-worrying, avoidance, phobic fears and panic attacks are the typical consequences to a fear response that is unravelling. And as these develop it becomes more and more difficult to live a life of balance and which works. This of course feeds the problem, as fuel on a flame.

By its very nature, the fight or flight system bypasses our rational mind. As such, we tend to see everyone and everything as a possible enemy. We see everything through the filter of possible danger. My treatment for Stress and Anxiety will always focus on quietening down fight or flight.

Fear is a puppy dog chasing its tail


Our body feels an anxious feeling and this transmits to your mind which then looks to see why and what is going on. And what it looks for it will find which in turn will further raise the feelings.

So levels continue to rise – like a dog chasing its own tail. 


Anxiety treatment in 4 stages

4 stage outline – Counselling for Stress and Anxiety
  1. Hypnotherapy to deactivate the primitive limbic flight or fight firing.
  2. Developing a better relationship with your anxiety – not fearful, but accepting and even welcoming. You do this in your Observing self.
  3. Being primed and confident to take action to make necessary life changes.
  4. Finding new ways of thinking, relaxing and visualising – that build control and confidence.

I keep up to date and reliable evidence of my results with all my clients. Over 85% suffering from worries and fears and phobias of all kinds have either significantly improved or completely recovered in a handful of sessions.

Stage 1 Deactivating the powerful flight fight response

In all likelihood, your flight fight response will be linked to powerful trauma memories locked in your primitive emotional brain. They could be around abuse, bullying, humiliation, embarrassment, panic attacks, moving house, moving job, your parent’s divorce and so on and so on.

In my experience as an anxiety counsellor, the list of possibilities is endless. Do you know what active trauma memories are overwhelming you? Whether you can easily remember them or not, my counselling therapy for anxiety will uncover them, if indeed they are there.

These experiences, held as trauma memories in your primitive brain will have to be cleared before the following stages of my counselling for stress and anxiety can get to work.

The REWIND method is central to anxiety attack treatment

REWIND is a trance method refined from Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) by the Human Givens founders. It can also be understood as Imaginal Exposure Therapy. This is important, as defined this way it can be accepted as consistent with NICE guidelines.

The key elements of REWIND are:

Activation of the memory

Deep relaxation

A dissociated rehearsal and revisiting of the memory, which has the effect of shifting the memory from the crude limbic system to the pre-frontal cortex.

After the REWIND has been completed, powerful and effective trance work is also possible. This can either rehearse beneficial change or work in other ways to enhance future possibilities and resources.

My counselling therapy for anxiety will deactivate by using the rewind hypnotherapy method.  You will find that this will likely be a big benefit of my counselling for anxiety.

Stage 2 Welcoming in feelings of anxiety

Anxiety feelings are a natural part of being human and are there to help you. Just as feeling pain is there to warn you to lift your hand from the hot stove, so anxiety feelings are there to warn you that there is an action you need to take. If you have an exam at the end of the week and are doing no work for it, then that gnawing anxiety could be just what you need to get the books out.

Feelings of anxiety are there to help you even if the help is misguided and over the top. So even if you believe the anxiety feelings are not that helpful and are perhaps a little childish, the least you could do is offer them a cup of tea.

My anxiety counselling will teach relaxation methods and use hypnotherapy to open you to your natural anxiety feelings.  The benefits of counselling for anxiety will only become truly apparent when anxiety feelings are heard by you and dealt with by the appropriate action.

A great tool AWARE – accepting the anxiety

Accept the anxiety – Decide to be with the experience. Replace anger or rejection of with acceptance

Watch the anxiety –  observe without judging – be detatched and study it. Rate it from 1 to 10and notice when it goes up or down and why. Remember you are not your anxiety – be in it but not of it

Act with the anxiety – Keep behaving normally and doing what you intend to do. If you run your future anxiety will go up. If you stay you will de-condition the anxiety

Repeat the steps – Continue accepting your anxiety, watching it and acting with it until it goes down to a comfortable level

Expect the best – What you fear most may not happen. Surprise yourself by the effective way you handle it

The STOP system for Pattern breaking – Angers, Addictions, Panic attacks

S – Stop/interrupt that behaviour
T – Take a step back
O – into your Observing Self
P – Practice awareness and emotional intelligence

Stage 3 Examining your life now and ready to take action

How well is your life working for you? How able are you to make the changes you need to get your needs better met? I will help you with all of these questions – by setting clear goals, by undertaking a needs audit and by inspiring visualisations and resource building.

Counselling for Stress and Anxiety requires this.  After all think about it for a moment – the consequence of a life that is working well will be free from chronic or overwhelming anxiety.

Stage 4 Practising relaxation, new thinking styles and useful visualisations

Being better able to relax is something you can practice – like playing the piano or learning to sing. When you are better able to relax, then it is easier for you to hear what your anxiety is saying to you and to act appropriately. And not be overwhelmed by it.

My counselling services for anxiety will include a full range of relaxation techniques and methods. Further, this will include tailor-made audios, just for you.

The particular manifestation of the anxiety may then need to be dealt with, either by challenging unhelpful beliefs or more probably by reframing and trance work. The treatment of performance anxiety will be different from a phobia or social anxiety – the trance and visualisation work will have a different emphasis.

What to do when the anxiety is driven by future fears of catastrophe – how does my counselling therapy for anxiety deal with this?

Your primitive flight or fight response can not only be fuelled by past events but also by future fears. What will happen to me if I get cancer? How will I cope if I fail that exam? Is my boyfriend sleeping with my best friend and then what?

All of these fears of the future and many more can be cleared using similar trance methods to more straightforward trauma memories. The future catastrophe has to be faced and this my counselling services for anxiety can do for you, using hypnotherapy.

Again, just talking about the problem and exposing the fear as foolish is rarely good enough.

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