Online Anxiety Therapy

online anxiety therapy

Are you living most of your life with an anxiety feeling in the pit of your stomach? And is this anxiety feeling being fed by fearful projections and overwhelming avoidant behaviours? Or is your anxiety only at certain times, such as an office presentation or an upcoming plane trip or motorway journey? My online anxiety therapy will deal with all of these and many more too.

Online anxiety therapy will clear you of the trauma memories that are almost certainly fuelling your anxiety. You will also make full use of online therapy tools, including hypnotherapy to teach you to be more relaxed and comfortable with useful anxious feelings. These useful anxious feelings are there to warn or protect you from real dangers and risk.

Online Anxiety Therapy to clear trauma

My experience is that trauma memories are a part of virtually all anxieties. These memories remain in the primitive brain and are triggered uncontrollably, when they are not needed. Are you aware of trauma memories, which can be very clear and specific or are they more diffuse and generalised? Examples of a specific trauma memory are a big argument, a big falling out, a rape, a mugging, a family break up, failing an exam, bullying and so on. 

Examples of a more diffuse and generalised trauma would be growing up and living with a difficult parental marriage, difficult school years, an extended period of sexual abuse by a family member, loneliness at university and so on.

We will find these lurking memories and clear them using the Rewind hypnosis method. The effect for you of clearing these memories might well be extraordinary and liberating.

Learn to relax with Online Anxiety Therapy

If you are anxious, you are by definition not relaxed. And even after trauma has been cleared, you may find yourself locked in a high stress/aroused state. However, relaxation can be practised, like playing the piano or learning tennis. And the more you practice; you will find it easier to calm your highly aroused mind and to spend more of your time at a lower level of arousal.

We will practice this in the online anxiety therapy. You will have experiences of deep relaxation and calmness. There are also resources on my website for you to use. This Relaxation Tools page is a good place to start. And you will see there the Conscious Relaxation Audio Programme featured. This will be available to you as part of your online anxiety therapy.

My Online Anxiety Therapy will help you to be comfortable with anxious feelings

Anxious feelings have evolved for a purpose, which is to keep us safe and prompt action on our behalf, when needed. An example of this would be the anxiety before an exam, if we have not prepared for it. It is vital that you become comfortable with anxious feelings – to let them in and to hear what they are saying. Then you can decide whether they are useful or can be dismissed.

My online anxiety therapy will help you feel comfortable with anxious feelings.

Online Anxiety Therapy to look forward confidently

If you are living with anxiety then you are likely to be fearful and to be making very negative “what if” projections. And this in turn will be keeping you stuck and adding to your general levels of anxiety.

My online anxiety therapy will use very effective trance methods to remove these damaging and overly fearful future projections.

Read about how Human Givens, which is the therapy I am trained in understands and deals with anxiety.

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