Story: Little Pot

This is an ANXIETY teaching story – as the pot learns to face her fears and then let them go.

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There was once a small pot that was made carefully and lovingly by a potter always made each one unique. The pot was formed with such care and attention to its shape and symmetry that she was left in no doubt that she was very special. She enjoyed the caress of the Potters hands on her sides. When formed, the pot was placed on the shelf before glazing.

From the moment the potter came to glaze the part, he talked to her, making a feel as if she was involved in choosing the glaze and the finish.
Then the pot was carefully put on the side before firing in the kiln.

It was then that the trouble started. The other pots jostled for space and nearly knocked to the floor. Next they criticised her, saying that her glaze was not good enough.

The little pot grew anxious, especially when they said she had an air bubble in her side. Our pot didn’t know whether this was true but she remained silent while the other pots found thoughts with her. They told the that she might be rejected and thrown into the bin. Little pot groom anxious and wary. She imagine what it must feel like to be thrown out with the rubbish. That would make her rubbish. Next they criticised her size and and told her that she was so small she would probably explode into 1000 pieces in the kiln and then should be no use to anyone.

The time came for the pots to be loaded into the kiln. The temperature was so hot, that they fell silent. It became intensely hot and frightening. Little pot felt sure she would explode any minute into pieces and then she would be no more. She remembered the voices of the other pots and imagined witch hazel tree the explosion.

How could she prevent it? She tried to hold herself together, tensing every part she could. Just when she thought she couldn’t hold on another second, she recalled the feeling of the Potters hands holding her and remembered the way the potter had taught cared and looked after her.

At that moment she knew that she was complete and whole and always had been. She let go of her fears and came out of the kiln perfectly formed.
The potter was so pleased with the little pot that he put her on a special shelf in the pottery. And she is still there, keeping an eye open for the new pots to reassure them if they need it.

Hilary Farmer