Story: Dancing free

This is a CONFIDENCE story – subtle and quite disturbing that will certainly resonate.

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woman dancer

Once there was a woman who went to visit her friend. Her friend was a weaver and had been making a beautiful tapestry on her loom. It was woven from beautiful silk threads of many colours. When the weaver saw her friend she exclaimed; “Friend! I cannot tell you how happy I am to see you! What a joyful day. Surely a day for celebration! Please come in and make yourself comfortable, and I will get you something to drink”.

The weaver went into the kitchen to get a cup of tamarind tea. Her friend looked around and noticed the silk threads shimmering in the early afternoon light. They were so beautiful!…and she was tempted. She couldn’t resist herself. Quickly, she reached over and took one of the bundles of thread and stuck it underneath her arm.

When the weaver returned she noticed that a bundle of thread was missing, and knew that her friend had taken it. She thought for a moment, and devised a plan to get it back.

Putting down the cup of tea she said; “Friend, what a joyful day it is today! Please, get up and let’s dance.” In a tentative voice her friend responded, “yes, let us dance”.

The weaver raised both her arms high and began to dance. She smiled as she turned in slow circular motions dancing with joy. Her friend got up, but instead danced with both her arms pressed close to her sides, holding the bundle of thread tightly underneath one of her arms. When the weaver saw this she said; ” It is a day for celebration friend, how is it that you dance with your arms that way? Look, dance like me with both your arms raised!”

The friend then raised one of her arms, but kept the other pressed tightly against her side. The weaver seeing this insisted and said; “It is such a joyful day, please dance with both arms raised. Look at me. Like this!” The weaver continued to dance, spinning, turning and swaying with joy.

The friend looked down and quietly said; “but…sister, I am sorry, this is all that I know of dancing.”
Always be ready to dance with both hands free