Story: The Chief Minister

This is a TEACHING story – to be reminded that we all will act in what we perceive is our best interests.

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Chief Minister

In the far off days of hugely powerful kings and sometimes even more powerful politicians there was a great treasure hunter. He had the treasure finding instinct to a high degree. Buried hoards of long lost ago, he seemed to be able to see far beneath the ground. The king hired him as court treasure finder and gave him free access to the court and the palace grounds where, it was said, there were many secret treasures. He could come and go as he liked.

This arrangement worked well to begin with and the yield was great. The king’s fortune was hugely increased.

But the Chief Minister was suspicious and concerned as the treasure finder had  the possibility of access to important state secrets. So, as a precaution, he had the treasure finder’s eyes put out

From Transforming Tales by Rob Parkinson