Story: The Cave

This is a CONFIDENCE story – opening us to the possibilties of change.

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There was once a cave deep in the mountain – a place of darkness, dampness and despair. The people who live there now, hasn’t always lived there. Perhaps the cave was home to creatures and spirits who captured unwary visitors and held them in their spell. Perhaps they had stumbled into the cave and lost their way. Perhaps they wanted the darkness. They lived out their existence day after day in the life is bleak as the walls of the caves. And so time passed.

One day, a tiny white bird happened to fly into the cave. He felt the cold darkness of the place and flew round and round looking for a way out.

“I flew in here, so I must be able to fly out again,” the little bird said to himself, trying to stop the feeling of panic that was rising in his breast. “If I fly around, I will eventually reach the light and then I can escape.” He thought of his family outside in the feeling of the sun on his wings and knew he had to leave. At last he was near the entrance and could see the brightness outside, but he heard something that sent a chill through his body. It was the distant cry of distress from within the cave. The little bird hesitated for a moment and then he flew away from the entrance and back into the cave to find where the cry had come from. He flew on, following the sound. It was so dark he could only make out shadows, but the people in the cave saw him – a white moving creature from another world. The tiny bird flew round and round, finally turning as a signal to follow.

“Wait for us” the people cried out as they stumbled after the bird who stopped and waited for them to catch up with him.

Mysteriously the bird knew the way. He flew and waited again and again while the people followed, on and on until finally, they all saw the crack of light. One or two of them were afraid. Perhaps they had been too long in the darkness; perhaps they were still under its spell. Sadly they turned and went back, while the others, shielding their eyes from the light, ran out into the bright sun and fresh clear air. No one noticed the little bird as it soared upwards out of sight.