Story: Golden Bird

This is a CONFIDENCE  story – you too can soar high.

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golden bird

TYE was a bird who is different from the others. He used to go off for long periods of time on his own. Tye would fly for miles and miles always curious to find out more about distant lands. At first he would try to tell the other birds about the places he had visited and the things that he had seen but they weren’t interested. They thought it was strange and unsafe to want to venture so far.

The other birds began to bully Tye and treat him as if he was some kind of alien species and not one of them. Tye was deeply hurt. He became anxious when he was with the other birds and only truly happy when he felt the wind in his feathers as he flew alone to far distant places.

There came a time when Tye decided that he could no longer stay with the other birds. Indeed there was no point. They didn’t share food with him and bullied him emotionally and physically at times. So Tye began a journey. He hardly knew what he was looking for but he did know that he needed to heal and to find peace.

Tye journeyed for many miles. At times he would encounter other birds and sometimes he would spend time with them but he was different. He stood out because of his experience. He couldn’t be like other birds. Tye knew only that he had to and ache in his heart. He longed for peace. He longed for his pain to be eased.

Then one day as Tye flew restlessly on, up above the trees he became aware of a golden bird that flew beside him. He watched fascinated as this bird dipped and dived and swooped. He admire the skill of the golden bird as he performed these acrobatics. After a while, Tye and the golden bird landed by a river.
Teach me to fly like that said Tye.

The golden bird looked at Tye with great kindness. First you must sched your burden.

Tell me what to do pleaded Tye. I will do anything. You are carrying the weight of your past. Let it go and be what you are.

The two birds soared into the air. As the golden bird swooped and dived, Tye that go of everything as he followed him, performing the same acrobatics as the golden bird. After what seemed like hours, Tye realised that he could do what golden bird could do. And that’s not all. The movement through the air filled his heart with joy, love and peace.

And when the golden bird had left, Tye realised that his feathers had turned golden too. At that moment he knew what he had to do.

Hilary Farmer