Story: Changing the Wind

This is a ANXIETY story – to bend in the wind and so not break.

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High on a bleak and lonely hillside, stood to trees. One was a silver birch next to it was a hazel tree. When the wind blew and buffeted the trees, the silver birch would cry out and cursed the wind for its cruelty and persecution. It was convinced that the wind took delight in trying to tear it from the ground.

One particular day there was a bad storm and the silver birch groaned and as the wind blew even stronger and more violent, it began to scream abuse into the wind. The silver birch protests were loud and desperate while it held its roots in the ground fearful that the wind would tear them out.

When the wind died down and the wind was calm the hazel tree spoke to the silver birch.
I have grown up beside you for all these years and you have shouted your fury at the wind.

Has the wind changed?
No, answered the silver birch.
Can you imagine the wind changing?

There was a long silence. No the tree said finely.

The next time the wind blew, the silver birch watched the hazel tree and noticed that with every gust of wind, the tree bent its branches so that it looked as if it was dancing with the wind.

Hilary Farmer