Online Therapy Sessions

online therapy sessions

Are my online therapy sessions for you?

Are you open to the revolutionary idea that depression, anxieties of all kinds and addictive behaviours can be relieved, and quickly too in most cases – without endless talking, medication or medicalised diagnoses? And that online therapy sessions will work as well as face-to-face?

Have you tried conventional counselling or CBT and been disappointed and let down?

Are you desperate for help and know that just talking about your problems is not the answer? After all you’ve done that enough.

My online therapy is based on the Human Givens approach and my experience over nearly two decades. I have a track record of success and many inspiring testimonials for you to peruse. And there are case studies that will make a lot of sense to you.

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How my online therapy sessions work

My online therapy does not require endless talking on your part. You will learn a new understanding of why you are suffering as you are and this will be liberating. You will realise you’re not going mad and that there is a path opening up for your recovery.

There are tailor made audios you can listen to in your own time. These will help you to understand why you are where you are right now, begin to change unconscious patterns and habits and prepare for our online hypnotherapy sessions.

Hypnotherapy will be an important tool. This will clear your headspace of bad memories and sabotaging habits. You will also have direct experience of relaxation and calm and learn relaxation tools that you can use in your own time. We will focus on your strengths, even though they may be hidden from you.  And hypnotherapy will rehearse the action you need to get your life back on track.

Online therapy to overcome Depression

Are you mentally and emotionally exhausted? Do you wake up unrefreshed by your nights sleep? Are you dreaming a lot? Are you finding your daily life ever more difficult? If so then you are depressed.

We will use tailor-made audios and careful online conversation to explain clearly why depression is taking over for you and the pathway to recovery. The secret is to be patient and wait till you to be feeling more energised before you deal with your problems.

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Online therapy sessions to clear Anxieties of all kinds: phobias, performance, social, trauma, panic attacks, generalised anxieties, agoraphobia

Are you fearful of all that could go wrong and on edge? Are you aware or even at times overwhelmed by memories and difficult periods in your past that you just cannot let go? Do you avoid social situations, crowds, travelling, motorways and so on?

We will use targeted hypnotherapy to clear your primitive brain of memories, projections and fears that are stopping you live the life you wish. You will practice powerful relaxation methods and become comfortable with anxious feelings.

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Online therapy sessions to move on from damaging Addictions

Do you have addictive habits and behaviours that you know are damaging you and the life you wish to lead. But you just cannot stop however hard you try.

You will gain a powerful and empowering new understanding of why you are stuck in these self sabotaging habits. You will learn that willpower on its own is never enough. And we will use tailor-made audios to move you towards a life that is working better. These audios will clear away and overcome damaging triggers and unconscious patterning.

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