Counselling for Anxiety

Your Anxiety can clear away more easily than you might ever imagine

Being comfortable with your feelings again and in control

All you need to know about anxieties

 Counselling for Anxieties in St Austell, Cornwall and Online

How is your anxiety displaying to you?

Is it as panic, phobias including agoraphobia, trauma, fearful projections, generalised anxieties, social and performance anxieties, avoidance or dread?

The good news is that for all aspects of anxiety, treatment principles stay the same and relief is highly likely.

I am trained in a therapy called Human Givens.

Human Givens understands the causes and treatment of  anxieties. We will use hypnotherapy and modern psychology, but no medication, nor endless talking.

Why do we suffer Anxieties

  • Anxiety is an enduring and vital capacity of humans that gets out of hand, perhaps particularly in today’s complex and highly stimulating environment.
  • Anxious feelings are natural and are there to warn us, so we can take the necessary action. And when facing extreme danger, we activate the Fight or Flight response.
  • But what happens when anxious feelings are not cleared up by actions and being calm and mostly in control?
  • Then, like a wind that fans flames and can create a massive forest fire, anxiety can spread into an enormous variety of serious and debilitating Anxieties.

My Four RULES for Anxiety Treatment

  • Trance work to decouple the primitive limbic fight or flight firing and to de-traumatise bad memories
  • Developing a better relationship with the anxiety – not fearful, but accepting
  • Building confidence to take action to make useful life changes.
  • Practising new thinking styles, relaxation tools and visualisations.


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There is a lot to explore and enjoy. This includes Resources for wellbeing and relaxation that you can use right now.
I hope you contact me – if you have depression, anxieties of any kind and addictions and bad habits that you wish to stop.
I will be able to help many of you – more quickly and reliably than conventional methods.
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