Podcasts to Help Your Recovery

My aim is to help as many people as possible understand and recover from their depression. This is why I have created these podcasts.   There are 60 no less, each 3-4 minutes long and looking at aspects of what a depression is and how to recover.
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They are organised under these five headings. Click on each one to go to it. And you can then return to the top of the page,

What is Depression
Depression Help
Client Stories
What makes Good  Counselling
Wellbeing and Human Psychology

What is Depression?

  1. How a depression takes hold – in three steps Listen/download
  2. Depressed people wake up tired – the worst part of their day Listen/download
  3. A fairy tale about a twisted ankle epidemic – is this like our depression epidemic?
  4. The Human Givens theory of why we dream Listen/download
  5. A water hose squirting out of control is a metaphor for how depressed people experience emotions Listen/download
  6. How dreaming too much will lead to depression Listen/download
  7. Strong past memories or trauma, that impact on our mental health cover a wide range of human experiences Listen/download
  8. Most mental problems are caused by failing attempts to getting a life to work well, which then unravels further Listen/download
  9. The use of the trance tool of Rewind, to clear trauma is one that no Human Given’s therapist could imagine being without Listen/download
  10. Be amazed by the sheer variety of successful trance de-traumatisation by me over the past year Listen/download
  11. Most of those with mental difficulties lack self confidence but this is normally the consequence of their problems and not the main cause Listen/download
  12. Anxiety is like a volcano – violent and strong while depression is like a great flood, spreading out and much quieter but still doing great damage Listen/download
  13. Anxiety leads to fitful and disturbed sleep while depression causes sleep that can be uninterrupted but is never restful Listen/download

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Depression Help

  1. My three stages programme of depression recovery Listen/download
  2. Understanding what a depression is will take away fear and build hope
  3. The first two steps you can take to relieve the worst of your depression
  4. Why is talking about your problems the last thing a depressed person should do
  5. A depression is a vicious circle and recovery begins with the shift to a virtuous circle Listen/download
  6. Depression is an exhausted mind that needs to rest – as a twisted ankle also needs to rest Listen/download
  7. The massive ignorance of what a depression is, is feeding the depression epidemic Listen/download
  8. The last thing a depression person needs is to spend time explain how she feels Listen/download
  9. If we can tell the story of our lives that has narrative and progression, despite setbacks then we are mentally healthy Listen/download
  10. The right questions to ask are those grounded in changes that you can make to your life right now Listen/download
  11. Three very different ways to see your depression – which will assist you to recovery Listen/download
  12. It is better not to focus on what is unique and different about each depression but instead on what they all share Listen/download
  13. Comparing the depression recovery experiences of Isobel and Rachel Listen/download

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Client Stories

  1. Donald’s story of a depression that crept up quietly Listen/download
  2. Padma and Roberta – two capable women shocked to find themselves depressed
  3. Trevor’s story – still traumatised by the memory of his first depression Listen/download
  4. Tricia’s story of recovery happened as her problems were dealt with – like peeling the layers of an onion Listen/download
  5. Mike’s story of having to reset certain things, following retirement Listen/download
  6. Norman’s story of recovery from depression and the contrast at the hands of NHS psychiatrists Listen/download
  7. Ros and Barbara, both in their forties needed to make big changes in order to get a life that worked for them Listen/download
  8. Labels to describe mental problems are not helpful in most cases – as illustrated by the experience of Harold Listen/download
  9. Freddie failed to recover from his depression – perhaps because he was not yet ready Listen/download
  10. The rare case studies of Vernon and Katie – who unusually did really lack self confidence and whom I could not help Listen/download
  11. Isobel scored the most depressed of any of my clients – and this is her story of rapid recovery Listen/download
  12. Rachel’s story of recovery which took a few months – before her life was again working well for her Listen/download

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What makes Good Counselling

  1. Did you know that of all models of counselling, not one has ever been proven to be best? Listen/download
  2. Did you know that some counsellors are better than others? Listen/download
  3. Good counsellors convey a powerful expectation that their client will get better
  4. Trance explained simply and profoundly Listen/download
  5. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is as much use for depression as a peashooter is to down an elephant Listen/downloa
  6. Normalisation is to have an explanation of our mental distress that makes sense to us and which means that we know we are not going mad Listen/download
  7. Human Givens therapists are grounded and practical in the help they give and are proven to be effective Listen/download
  8. The five questions you should ask all counsellors – to be sure that they can help you Listen/download
  9. The NHS is bound to fail in helping clear depression because its nature is to medicalise and to standardise treatment Listen/download
  10. Emotional healing begins when there is a movement in the right direction, which can then develop a life of its own Listen/download
  11. All good therapy requires a reframe – which is to change our focus towards our strengths and beneficial change Listen/download
  12. Scott Miller has had a great influence on my practice by his emphasis on measuring outcomes Listen/download

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Wellbeing and Human Psychology

  1. The profound Human Givens Organising idea Listen/download
  2. Focus on emotions much more than thoughts to understand and lift a depression Listen/download
  3. The human brain is like a web – able to change and adapt to circumstances Listen/download
  4. Our emotions come before our thoughts and so it is our emotional responses that need to be healed Listen/download
  5. Privacy is a vital facilitating need – to be safe enough for us to process what is happening to us Listen/download
  6. Attention is a vital facilitating need as it is how we learn and evolved in society Listen/download
  7. Mental health stigma is said to be everywhere but this is not the case – rather there is an overwhelming ignorance of what mental problems are all about Listen/download
  8. The observing self is our unique centre of awareness that allows us to stand back and see ourselves objectively and separate from our emotions Listen/download

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