Four Fantastic Addiction Metaphors

A picture is worth a thousand words. So try these four metaphors to better understand addictions – how they take hold and how to move away.
addiction metaphors

Better understand Addictions with these four metaphors

Human beings comprehend the world around them in terms of metaphor. That is how the brain works. When we are dealing with a recovery or moving on beyond addiction, then the first stage is to understand how addiction works. And then, what feeds it and how can you move away from it to a life that is better? Here are four great addiction metaphors to help you to do just that.

What you think of these Addiction metaphors?

Just as a baby cuckoo crowds out everything else in the nest, so an addiction crowds out what is so much better and balanced in a life that is working properly. The addiction creates a vacuum and then fills it.

You are a tiny creature stuck at the bottom of a smooth sided bowl. The smooth sides mean that it is impossible to scramble up out of the bowl, no matter how hard you try. And how far you manage to get up the side, before you slide back down again. So it is with your addiction. You may be trying really hard and putting in an enormous effort. But it is just not enough and eventually you become exhausted and disheartened.

The trench is so deep that you cannot see out – either towards the direction in which you came or to the direction you would like to go. So you are stuck just going nowhere and have no idea who you are and what you are capable of.

You are trapped on a small barely inhabitable island and the sea around it is so wide and broad you feel trapped.  So, you do not know that you can take small steps into the sea and come back to the island whenever you want – until you find that you can swim to the far shore and then your addiction will be over.

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