Counselling for Addiction

Are you ready to let go of your addiction? Let me lead you back to a life without dependence.

Your addiction is not an illness but a powerful habit that is keeping you trapped on a rocky island in the middle of the sea. When it is safe you will be ready to leave.
You will learn the science of addiction and how your brain overpowers your willpower. We will use hypnotherapy as a vital tool – to harness your strengths and restore your belief.
Let me help you move beyond your Addiction

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    I hope is that this short audio will make sense to you.

    Understanding your addiction and your pathway to a better way of living

    You are not aiming to recover from your addiction. Instead you want to move forward to a life which is better and healthier.
    Your addiction is not an illness and neither is it a lifetime condition. It is an ingrained habit fed and strengthened by the pathways in your brain and the life you are leading.
    Your willpower will never be enough on its own but neither do you have to rely on an outside power.
    It will be one step at a time. And your addiction will slowly cease to be the overwhelming problem it is now – because the pathways in your brain will be changing and your life will be moving forward.
    Every journey of 1000 miles begins with one step. And so it will be for you as you embark on your journey with me to stop your addiction and move onto something better.
    You will overcome your psychological dependence – be it the essential element of substance abuse and alcohol or behaviours that are entirely psychological – gambling, internet pornography and the like.
    You will be creating a virtuous cycle, to replace the downward vicious cycle you are now lost in.

    Trance will probably play a big part in your recovery. Both in real time with me and tailor-made audios in your time.

    What you will learn

    • The cuckoo in the nest metaphor and why you must take it slowly at the beginning
    • Why your willpower alone will never be enough
    • How you got lost in your deep addiction trench and how to fill that trench up – so you can see where you have come from and where you wish to go
    • The green / red door choice and how to use it to build unstoppable positive motivation
    • If Depression and Trauma are contributing and what you can do about that
    • How your addiction can just fade away when the time is right

    Four Great Addiction Metaphors

    Addiction Case Studies

    Gaining confidence in my ability to help you?

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    Over 15 years experience running a successful private practice.
    Track Record of 85% plus success (client's own evaluation).

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    Thank you for thinking of me and all your help in the past. Some of the metaphors you used are still popping up from time to time. Rudi, who was a Coke user


    Andrew is a miracle worker. I have had weight issues for 40 years. After 1 visit my habits were normal!!  I could not believe this but he is amazing. Wayne 


    I truly wish I had come to see you before to give up smoking. I have no idea how it worked but it did. Hopefully, my little baby will now have a healthy start in life.  Frances, pregnant and still smoking 



    I don’t know what Andrew did but to me it’s like a miracle. I haven’t smoked a cigarette since that day, and have been out socially and haven’t been tempted once. Clare 



    Face to Face or Online - which would suit you best?

    You may reach me by phone, text, email, or by completing the contact form. I will reply within 24 hours. We can arrange a no obligation call or a Skype/Zoom session or a face-to-face appointment.
    Mobile/text: +44 7870 104651
    Landline: +44 1726 252428
    How can I help you?

      A few words about me, Andrew M Richardson

      Andrew M Richardson
      I am not your typical counsellor. First off, I am now in my late sixties and am pretty well housebound with an atypical type of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). This affects my mobility but nothing much else as otherwise I am pretty healthy (touch wood).
      My record and many testimonials show that I am an excellent therapist. Why is that? I believe it is because my background in business plus my Human Givens training and having to live with chronic MS gives me an authority and flexibility that puts clients at their ease and means they can have confidence in my approach.
      Clients come to my home in Cornwall. I also see clients from all over the world using Skype and Zoom – as well as through the length and breadth of the UK.

      And finally, three important articles, expanding on the ideas of this page