Counselling for Addiction

Are you ready to let go of your addiction?

Let me help you back to a life without dependence

Counselling for Addiction in St Austell, Cornwall and Online

 My counselling for addiction is based on a therapy called Human Givens. Human Givens is UK based, dates from the late 1990s and is recognised by the NHS.

Human Givens understands how addiction can take hold and how to restore life balance.

You will learn how your brain overpowers your willpower.

With me, practical steps, up-to-date science, hypnotherapy and tailor made audios.

We will clear away your trauma and anxieties, harness your strengths and restore your belief.

Have you been to the medical experts? Perhaps you have tried medication or maybe you still are?

You have gone to counsellors and poured out your heart. But it hasn’t worked, has it.

To understand your addiction and your pathway to a better way of living

You are not aiming to recover from your addiction. Instead you want to move forward to a life that is better and healthier.

Your addiction is not an illness and neither is it a lifetime condition. It is an ingrained habit fed and strengthened by the pathways in your brain and the life you are leading.

Your willpower will never be enough on its own but neither do you have to rely on an outside power.

Every journey of 1000 miles begins with one step. And so it will be for you as you embark on your journey with me to stop your addiction and move onto something better.

You will overcome your psychological dependence – be it the essential element of substance abuse and alcohol or behaviours that are entirely psychological – gambling, pornography and the like.

You will be creating a virtuous circle, to replace the downward vicious cycle you are now lost in.

Counselling for Addiction: What you will learn

The cuckoo in the nest metaphor and why you must take it slowly at the beginning

Why your willpower alone will never be enough

How you got lost in your deep addiction trench and how to fill that trench up – so you can see where you have come from and where you wish to go

The green / red door choice and how to use it to build unstoppable positive motivation

If Depression and Trauma are contributing and what you can do about that

How your addiction can just fade away when the time is right

Does this short audio make sense to you?


There is a lot to explore and enjoy. This includes Resources for wellbeing and relaxation that you can use right now.
I hope you contact me – if you have depression, anxieties of any kind and addictions and bad habits that you wish to stop.
I will be able to help many of you – more quickly and reliably than conventional methods.
 Finally, you might enjoy completing one or more of the questionnaires.
Addiction Therapy Online
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Be Inspired and Motivated

Four great metaphors to explain addiction.

The CUCKOO  and the ISLAND, the TRENCH and the BOWL.

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