Settle arousal of a stormy sea with Breakthrough Audios

Audios have the power to connect you to peacefulness and calm and allow you to practice and become calmer still and so settle arousal.
Breakthrough Audio Programmes

Settle arousal and expand your horizons

You are highly aroused. How do you imagine that? A big storm at sea in a small boat … or a runaway horse … or having to decide right at this minute to buy or invest or confront … or perhaps it is thoughts and emotions running out of control?

settle sea

High emotions can make us stupid and so first of all, we need to settle arousal down.

This must be your priority. First, you must find a way to get back mind control. So how do you move to somewhere calmer – to give you some space and time. Otherwise, all you will be doing is firefighting and battling away and not really doing much of value at all.

At the core of all mental and emotional problems lies a lack of emotional control.

And for this reason, the first job of a Human Givens therapist is to find ways to generate a calmer mind. And only then is there much to be gained by dealing with the life problems that seem to be so difficult to handle and which are contributing to the emotional arousal.

And this is why my Breakthrough Audio Programmes focus on doing just that.

A clear understanding of why you are as you are may be incredibly helpful or there may be trauma memories to remove. Or there may be habits and patterns to clear away or what you needs] is to practice and have experiences of relaxation.

A Warning – some of the very currently fashionable solutions are not right to settle arousal for you.

Though meditation and mindfulness is often recommended, you will find this to be just too hard if you highly aroused a lot of the time.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy may also be too hard as to challenge thoughts is no use to settle arousal if your emotions are overwhelming you.

Be warned against talking too much, too early on. It is not always necessary to talk about it and just let it out as this can feed the feelings and thoughts and exhaustion.

The bottom line is this: your emotions are vital but you need to control them in order to hear them and then act on what they are saying.  And if you are depressed, anxious or addicted then your emotions will be out of control and you will be unable to do this.

My Breakthrough Audios are using the wisdom of the Human Givens teaching – and then evolved and refined by my one on one therapy, over more than a 15 years.

These audios use the very same psychological insights, therapy methods, metaphors, stories and delivery.

I am of course standing on the shoulders of giants – Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell (the founders of Human Givens), Milton Erickson, Bill O’Hanlon, Arthur Deikman, Idries Shah and many more.

Above all it is to my clients over these many years that I owe the most.

  • Overcoming Depression, Hope and Firefighting – as you understand depression, this will calm you and build hope.
  • Releasing Trauma – using the rewind to de-traumatise memories.
  • Conscious Relaxation – gives you the tools to practice being relaxed and settling down.
  • Clearing Patterns – as you understand the big picture, then you be more in control.
  • Taking Action, Be Remarkable – the right kind of action will settle all of us.
  • Moving Beyond Addiction – will calm your mind, as you get your needs met and move to something better.


You can listen again and again.  And each time you do, there will be further enlightenment and further healing.  You will be finding what you need.

Six Breakthrough Self Help Audio Programmes


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Moving Beyond

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