Useful Links

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A list of  Important Sites

The Ultimate Guide to Mental Health Movies

The Ultimate Guide To Passing Any Interview 

Primrose Lodge Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation

Danger of Trivialising Bulimia

Gardening for mental health and wellbeing

Making life easier for individuals with physical disabilities

This is a great guide on getting active

Seasonal Allergies

Bruxism (Teeth grinding)

Sleep Apnea

Nutrition and Natural Remedies

Well Rested Kids  Click here

Complementary Health online Click here

Food for the Brain Click here

New breakthrough fish oil contains the world’s highest concentration of EPA omega-3 Click here

Knowing yourself better

Emotional Competency – a fantastic and rich information resource Click here

Information on drugs Click here

Drug Dangers Click here

Sites to help you heal

Anxiety no more – a personal story of anxiety recovery that has become a meeting place for anxiety sufferers Click here

Optimal Breathing exercises for all needs  Click here

Depression explained by Human Givens Click here

Energy Therapy – Discover the Secret to Good Health Click here

Coping with stress – a great resource Click here

Healing Services

Health + Clinics for Back Pain Click here

The Therapy Lounge – Hypnotherapy in London Click here

ADT Healthcare offers a free helpline and walk-in clinic for people suffering with drug and alcohol addiction issues.

 Happiness, Wellbeing and Emotional Intelligence

Positivity blog – an excellent resource Click here

Pick the Brain blog – also very good Click here

Self Confidence tips – pick the brain Click here

The best resource for self hypnotic downloads on the web – Hypnosis downloads Click here


Bill O’Hanlon – the questions you can ask Click here

Richard Wiseman – popular psychology Click here

John Gottman – on relationships Click here

Milton Erickson – the father of modern hypnotherapy and brief therapy Click here

Websites for those with Physical Disability

Guide Dogs for Disabilities

Travelling safely with Disability

Explaining special needs to your child: 15 great children’s books

How to Remodel for Accessibility

Developing Your Blind Child’s Sleep Schedule

How to Exercise if You Have Limited Mobility

Healthy Eating Advice for Wheelchair-bound People

Disability Accommodation guide

Gardening for the Disabled

Cerebral Palsey