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We humans are mind and body and we must take right action, to get our essential needs met is the requirement for emotional health. You will learn what to do.
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Learn to take right Action

Mental health requires that we take the right action in the service of a life that works. Who could argue with that? We know this instinctively. But to truly understand what is going on is to regain focus and set good goals.


Human Givens teaches that emotional and mental health requires the right kind of action and activity in the service of a life that is working for us.  That we have resources (our thinking brain, our imagination and yes our habits and others also) and we use these resources to get our physical and emotional needs met. 

It is absolutely essential that these needs are well met because as living creatures, we require physical and emotional nutrition. We  not only require food and shelter to live well, but also satisfying work, close human connections and feel safe and have a degree of control.

These are profound ideas and they make so much sense to all who come across them. It is the basis to take right action.

So what are your emotional needs and how well are these needs being met for you right now?

And what are your resource and capacities and how can these be enhanced and improved?

And then you need to get your life working better?

You will learn of all of this with these Breakthrough Audios. And develop your capacity to take right action.

And that’s not all. For, as your are more active such that your needs are better met, then self confidence returns and you are embarking on a self feeding virtuous circle. 

What could be better than that?

My Breakthrough Audios are using the wisdom of the Human Givens teaching – and then evolved and refined by my one on one therapy, over more than a 15 years.

These audios use the very same psychological insights, therapy methods, metaphors, stories and delivery.

I am of course standing on the shoulders of giants – Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell (the founders of Human Givens), Milton Erickson, Bill O’Hanlon, Arthur Deikman, Idries Shah and many more.

Above all it is to my clients over these many years that I owe the most.

  • Hope & Firefighting – will get you dreaming well and energised.
  • Trauma Release  – calms your emotion back down from serious trauma.
  • Conscious Relaxation – also settles your emotions, practice.
  • Clearing Patterns – means you will stay calm and be able to act well.
  • Be Remarkable – take Action is about understanding, building your strengths, efficient rehearsal and right action.
  • Moving Beyond Addictions – is liberation new way forward opens up.


You can listen again and again.  And each time you do, there will be further enlightenment and further healing.  You will be finding what you need.

Six Breakthrough Self Help Audio Programmes


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Moving Beyond

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