Resources to use Now

My Happiness Tools

Five steps to Happiness
Five things we cannot change
Happiness Manifesto
Wisdom of the ancients and modern
If by Rudyard Kipling
The Felicity of Virtue
Divinity with or without God – Jonathon Haidt
Our Universal Moral Foundations

Viktor Frankel on meaning
Eckhart Tolle

Anxiety Tools

 What are Emotions?
Observing Self
Trauma and Emotional high jacking
Trauma Relief and the Rewind Method
Molar Memories
The nature of projections
Worrying Well
Time Lines
Becoming Adult
The AWARE method
The STOP System

Addiction Tools

The Cuckoo in the nest
Why are addictions so hard to beat
The stages of quitting
Recovery path in outline
Your addiction Time Line
Addiction downloads

My Relationship Tools

Communication Guidelines
Something for you to think about
Reflective listening between Men and Women

My six breakthrough audio programmes. You can buy them by clicking the appropriate image. Or use them as directed as part of your therapy.