Movement and Calm for mental and emotional healing

Movement and calm for clients is about initiating a change however small and getting arousal down. These are the prior essentials for healing

Setting Clients moving, even slightly and getting arousal down are my two starting essentials for healing

Emotional and mental healing is not about fixing something, like a hot water boiler or even a broken leg, but setting a living being free to move in a better direction.
There is a story to be told of how each individual who now finds themselves in serious distress got where they are and over time coped or failed to cope with what was going wrong and what was happening.  And of vicious circles that took them further away from emotional health.

Be inspired by the words of Milton Erickson, the father of modern hypnotherapy and Gabrielle Roth.  

 “Therapy is often a matter of tipping the first domino”
“People do not come into therapy to change their past but their future.”
Milton Erickson

“If you just set people in motion they’ll heal themselves.”
Gabrielle Roth 

Getting arousal under control

Luckily, there are many ways to generate motion and movement. But in all cases, there is one overriding immediate objective for virtually all clients who come to me. This is to get their emotional arousal down and more under their control.

Think of a ship tossing in a storm. The sea has to quieten down before anything else is possible. The same will be true for those who come to me, whatever are the particulars of their problem.

Their emotions will be out of control – dominated by fears, obsessive thoughts, exhaustion, angers, shame and guilt and so on. And as a result, their self confidence will have plummeted and they will be stuck and lost.  And movement, even a small one will be very hard.

ship storm

Tipping the First Domino

To understand the importance of tipping the first domino and getting arousal down explains why normalisation and positive expectancy is so important for my therapy.

Both can set a new direction by building hope.


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