Self Help Audios – for emotional healing, to build resilience and to change your life

These audios take self help to a whole new level. They are more than tips and techniques – which let’s face it are ten a penny. Real healing from seriously debilitating mental and emotional difficulties is possible and these five suites show the way.

Each suite of audios is self standing and complete on its own. As you read about each suite you will see which is right for you right now, and once you have tried that you may well decide to move onto the next.

Five Unique Self Help Tools

Each tool is a suite of audios. You can listen to each in your own time and at the pace that suits you. They make use of deep relaxation and trance – to embed new learnings and to rehearse the change you need.

You can try out each suite for just £9.50 and then buy the rest.

What makes these audio suites so special?

It is the use made of the Human Givens approach, combined with my experience and proven track record of over ten years.

Human Givens

  • Human Givens has been called the first new bio, psycho, social model of psychology for forty years
  • Human Givens is UK based and dates from the late 1990’s
  • Human Givens is already recognised by the NHS but is nonetheless a real challenge to the conventional way of dealing with mental problems
  • Already, there is academically respectable evidence of superior outcomes for Human Givens compared to CBT (in a Luton GP surgery)
  • Human Givens combines original science with a synthesis of what works. Truly Human Givens stands on the shoulders of giants.

A little about me, Andrew Richardson, the creator of the audio suites

  • Ten years of successful private practice following a previous career in business
  • A wide and varied therapy experience – helping his depressed, anxious and addicted clients recover and then stay well. Andrew also helps with relationship problems, angers, high stress and overwhelming life problems.
  • Almost uniquely for a private therapist , Andrew keeps hard evidence of outcomes for all his troubled clients. He knows that close to 90% will be feeling better within four sessions.

Time to find out more – which Self Help Tool is best for you?

Experiencing Hope

Releasing Trauma

Practicing Relaxation

Clearing Patterns

Taking Action