Depression Test

The best depression test questionnaires should surely be those that ask the fewest number of questions (i.e. only those that are truly required) but also covers the most ground. Because you don’t just want to know whether you are depressed, you need to know what might be the factors causing it – which of course in the right hands will lead towards depression recovery.

These are the two simple sets of questions that I recommend you ask. The first set asks the minimum number of questions necessary (in terms of how Human Givens understand depression) – which is the basis for my work.

The second set of questions for my depression test points to where your lack of life needs might be contributing to your depression.

Set One of my Depression Test

  1. Are you mentally and emotionally exhausted?
  2. Can you barely drag yourself out of bed in the morning?
  3. Have you slept for ages, but in the morning you are not refreshed?

These first three questions relate to the central role of over dreaming in generating exhaustion and hence depression.

  1. Is your self confidence low and hope disappearing?
  2. Do you feel a burden on your family but know you need something that they cannot give you?
  3. Do you feel trapped in your head – unable to escape thoughts, projections and self obsessions that you know are ridiculous?

These next three questions ask about how you deal with the exhaustion caused by worrying too much and over dreaming – and which feeds the worry and tiredness

  1. Do you have thoughts that you would be better off dead or hurting yourself in some way?
  2. Do you have unwanted images or memories that are distressing you?
  3. Do you have trouble concentrating or remembering?

These final three are concerned with the further consequences of the exhaustion – namely thinking badly and prone to obsessive thoughts and traumatic reactions.


Set Two of my Depression Test

  1. How do you feel in your closest relationship?



  1. Do you spend enough time with your broader family and friends?



  1. How do you feel at work/college or whatever else you do?



  1. Do you look after yourself – specifically eating healthily and taking exercise?



For each question score this last week from zero (badly) up to 10 (very well).

Scores of 5 and below are potential life problems that could be fueling your depression and keeping you depressed.

And that’s it. Score badly on these two sets and you are depressed and you will be beginning to understand where the lacks in your life are causing you to suffer as you do. Recovery from depression can also follow – go to my depression treatment.

What to do Next

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