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depression test

Are you depressed? Complete my Depression Test

My name is Andrew Richardson. I offer Depression Recovery using Human Givens.  No medication and no endless talking. Instead, the latest psychology, targeted hypnotherapy and tailor made audios. Complete the Depression Test questionnaire and let’s get started.

Are you Depressed?

Human Givens Depression Test

Human Givens explains depression – the basis for completing the Depression Test

Depression is caused by worrying too much, leading to bad sleep and over dreaming. This is exhausting. And then the exhaustion, low energy and lack of hope are stopping you living a life that works and creating a self-feeding Vicious Cycle.

depression viscous cycle

We will clear your  headspace  of bad memories, damaging habits and unhelpful thinking before working practically to get your life back on track. You will be worrying less, sleeping better and gaining control. You will be living a Virtuous Cycle of recovery.

The Human Givens method does not require endless talking of your life and issues. Neither does it focus on your unhelpful thoughts. Instead it uses hypnotherapy, stories, metaphors and modern psychology to change how you are feeling and acting.

Does this resonate? Are you ready to complete my Depression Test?

My depression test asks all the questions that I need – about your sleeping, exhaustion and capacities right now and how this is affecting the quality of your life.

You have saved my life, quite literally. I never thought I would ever feel like me again. You have brought me back so quickly and safely.”  Hazel

Andrew somehow took the pressure off me so I could relax and break this spell. I literally felt my depression lift after the second session.” Michelle

I will reply within 24 hours. We will then know what I can do to help you recover and feel better quickly. You will also acquire the tools and understandings you need to remain depression free.

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